Monday, September 3, 2012

When Indie is Questionable

Lately it seems there is always something about indie that will turn someone away.  Sometimes an owner just completely disappears, sometimes they go on ranty rampages and end up scaring off potential and current customers.  Some new companies don't do the proper research and can end up hurting someone.  I'm not saying don't buy indie.  You just might want to be wary.  Like seeing obvious neons being sold by a kid who doesn't know what she's doing...  Neons aren't FDA approved to be worn near the eyes, google can give you more info but I'm kind of getting off topic!

Today my issue is: fingerprints.

Gloves should be worn when creating product that goes onto someones's face or eyes.  It's the best way to prevent infections like the lovely pink eye. 

Which is why it's really upsetting to see fingerprints on the INSIDE of eyeshadow jars when the product hasn't even been opened yet.

  Yup, fingerprints.

Wiki says: Impressions of fingerprints may be left behind on a surface by the natural secretions of sweat from the eccrine glands that are present in friction ridge skin

 MMMMM SWEAT! I love other people's sweat on my eyes!  Not to mention what else is floating around on those dirty fingers.

These could have happened when the shop owners were setting the jars up for filling, or it could have come from the supplier dirty.

  At the end of the day, my makeup has FRIGGIN FINGERPRINTS IN IT!  It's disgusting.  It could make me sick.  I've had pink eye twice before.  It's not fun.  You feel like there is something in there and it goops up and goes really red and you look like a damn zombie.  You then have to stay home from work because it's infectious.  That's right, time off work.  Because someone decided to be lazy and skip the gloves.

So please inspect your jars before using your makeup and contact the shops you find prints in. 

Here are today's culprits and there could have been more.  Cold Feet was a fluke, I found a mesh bag of shadow and since I have prints on my mind I decided to take a look and voila.  Dirty also.  Not cool.  I will be looking through my other eyeshadows and updating if necessary.  Click the pics for better detail.

 Concrete Minerals Quarantine and Graveyard
 Concrete Minerals Living Dead
Geek Chic Cosmetics Cold Feet

Geek Chic Cosmetics N7.  That one was harder to capture because of the jar shape, but it's definitely there.

So check those jars!  Keep your eyeballs safe! :)


  1. I've never even thought to check for prints on the INSIDE! So gross! I'm going to have to inspect some jars now...

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  3. Could the fingerprints be from the company indie companies bought the jars from? Well of course it could... Gross either way!

    1. Yeppers, it could be, but yeah, still yuckers :/

  4. Yikes.. thank you for posting this. People need to be aware if other people's DNA is in their eyeshadow! Yuck! I hope that the companies read this post...

  5. The thing is, no matter where the fingerprints come from, there should NEVER be fingerprints on the inside of jars. Jars are not sterile, no matter what supplier you go with, and ALL companies should be cleaning ALL of their jars before filling them with product. Rubbing alcohol is cheap; there's no excuse.

  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Seriously???? I make makeup from stuff from TKB for myself and a couple of my close friends/family but do not sell it because I don't have a proper working space and I have cats in my house,etc. Even when I am doing this for MY OWN use, I clean my jars out with rubbing alcohol before I fill them as they come from a supplier and I don't know where they've been!!! I also wear a mask and gloves and something to cover my hair even though I am the only one who will end up using it becuase it is just hygenic to do it that way!!! I would hope that indide companies would be doing a few bare minimum things such as 1)have a regularly cleaned dedicated work space where pets, etc. are not allowed 2)wear gloves 3) clean all equipment and jars with rubbing alcohol prior to using them. GROSS.

  7. i posted about your blog post on both companies FB pages to let other customer see and let the companies know about it. i guess u already contacted them, as Concrete Minerals responded to me and even copied and pasted their response to you. Geek Chic Cosmetics ignored my post and didn't respond. just curious, did u get a response from them? if u did, what did they say? i want to know cuz i have wanted to order from both companies, and if they're going to IGNORE problems, or customer responses to issues like this i WILL NOT order from them. i have to admit i was kinda pissed that they didn't say anything about it.

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