Friday, March 29, 2013

Mismatched Nails

Over the last few months I've gotten a little obsessed with Korean beauty products and one of these products were the Etude House Etoinette Versailles Rose/Versailles Dress (now discontinued) nail polish sets.

They were a set of 3 nail polishes that go well together along with some matching water decals to mix and match a manicure.  I did manage to hunt down the 2 sets but the bottles are little and I'm a dope and don't want to waste them so what I did was go through my nail polishes to see if I could come up with my own mismatched nails combinations!

They were nowhere near as cute as the Versailles Rose set but here's what I did:

The first set had:
Thumb: Etude House Mint Chocolate with Daily Lacquer Helios on top
Index: Etude House Strawberry Stars Candy
Middle: China Glaze Aquadelic with Etude House PPK005 Cocktail Dress on top
Ring: Etude House Mint Chocolate
Pinky: some ancient-ass Avon pink I've had for 10 years with Daily Lacquer Helios on top

And I got a bunch of new shades in the mail to play with and instead of deciding which to wear, I wore 'em all for another mismatched manicure :)

This set included mostly A England polishes:
Thumb: Beauty Never Fails with Holy Grail (original) dotted on top
Index: I botched this one up but it was Holy Grail (original) with Opi Black Spotted, but I didn't thin it out enough so it didn't separate as good as I wanted it, so I just went over with another coat of Holy Grail and pretended I meant to do that...for texture...sure...
Middle: Beauty Never Fails with She Walks in Beauty on top the bottom half (kinda botched that one too)
Ring: She Walks in Beauty
Pinky: Holy Grail (updated) with a stripe of Beauty Never Fails.

Fuck that accent nail noise, ACCENT ALL DA NAILS!! :D