Monday, July 22, 2013

Yellow and Pink EOTD

I wasn't sure how this combo was going to turn out.  I knew I wanted pink and yellow but for the liner it was a choice between green or blue.  Green eventually won out but I'm not really impressed with it.
The liner is Lime Crime Citreuse and it's a nice bright green shade in the tube but seems to go on more yellow than green and then it dries to a hard chunky pain in the ass to work with formula.  The black liner I used on top kind of skipped on over parts.  Grrr.

Aaaaanyways, for this look I used:
TFSI Lemon Drop primer
Sugarpill Buttercupcake inner half of lid
Sugarpill Dollipop for outer half of lid
Urban Decay Tease in crease
Rimmel Spring Flower blush (the light pink shade in the compact) for the transition shade into the browbone
Burberry Trench on browbone
Shiro Cosmetics Tears of Retail Employees (disc.) inner corners
LC Citreuse with UD liquid liner on top.


  1. I like this :)
    I was drooling over the LimeCrime liners ... but i think i can get the same effect with a pigment and some mixing medium , but with a smoother application LOL

  2. I have those Lime Crime liners and they work pretty well for me, though I DID hope that Citreuse would be less yellow and more green. I like the pink and yellow shadows together.