Friday, August 23, 2013


Hello again,
I have a brand spankin' new collection to show off for you.  They were sent to me about a month ago but there was a death in my family so I spent most of the last month way across the country hanging out with my parents.  Luckily I was already laid off.  That sounds really bad but when you need to hop on a plane and leave everything behind for a few weeks, it was nice to be able to leave and not have to let work down. Because they already let me down... BUUUUUURN.  SELF BURN hahaha.  Oh well.  That's life.  Getting laid off is probably the best thing to have happen because now I can go do something shiny and new and move back home, which I missed the most.  I hated not being able to go see my mom and dad.  I even missed my brothers.  Little bro's gal is having a baby and I was so afraid I was going to miss everything with him or her being born this November. Now I get to see it all!  But now I have bursts of happy thinking about going back, with bursts of not so good thinking about what led up to it (losing that job security) and all I missed out on (dad's 60th, grandparent's 50th coming to Canada anniversary, friend's babies, cousin's weddings, seeing my brother all healthy back in May if I had just gone that day instead of being tired the day before flying back here), plus thinking about who's next, another brother? My parents? My turn?  How morbid eh?  I'll be in the middle of reading a book and start to freak out.  I haven't left this apartment since I got back Tuesday night.  Wake up in the morning just to go back to sleep again until noon.  Just don't feel like doing anything.  It was easier when I was back home, but now that I'm back here for 5 more weeks with nobody around and the dudeman at work, I can't shut my brain up. Not really appropriate makeup blog talk but whatever.  I'm back in Manitoba away from everyone again so I have to get it all out somewhere :(
The new collection I'll show off in a separate post so I don't scare people off just looking for swatches and instead getting a freakin' life story.


  1. Hey, we all need to vent now and then... and with what you've been through, it's more than understandable...

    Hope the 5 weeks pass quickly and you get back home and with the people you care the most about.....

  2. I am so sorry. Losing a family member (and your job) truly sucks. It may take some time, but things will get better.

    Best of luck on your move home... :)

  3. Oh my god, I am extremely sorry to hear about your family member, I cannot imagine how hard that must be. I am glad to hear that you will be going home to live closer to your family, hopefully this makes you feel better. Hang in there.

  4. Thanks ladydudes :) 3 more weeks, hopefully everything looks up soon!