Saturday, January 4, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Halo EOTD

I ordered the GDE Halo collection around Black Friday and this is my first time using it. I've got to be better at using new products! Lately I just grab something that's already in the train cases. There's no fun in that! So in an effort to use new things, this look is all from the Halo collection. (That's just a regular ol link, I'm not affiliated with anything so feel free to click with full abandon! I'm not evem sure I used that phrase correctly. Whatever. IT STAYS.)

I used:
Lid: Flawless
Crease: Imitation
Browbone: Vulnerable
Above crease: Mannequin
Darkened creased with: Audacious
Lower liner: Undressed

Next time I probably won't use so many frosty/metallic shades together. It looks a little funny to me. But now I know.
*cue the rainbow*

 FULL FACE. Don't mind the acne, I could have photoshopped that crap but I'm old enough to not give a shit anymore :) FINALLY.
On cheeks was Meow's Glisten (Firefly blush), lips were Fresh Sugar Petal lip balm.

Dark picture is dark.

Imma go eat some bacon now.



  1. NICE ! My looks were all shimmer a few years ago , but now i like it to combine matte shades with shimmer . Maybe because i'm getting older and want my looks more "wearable" ... if that makes any sense ???
    Although i still love it to do crazy things with makeup LOL

  2. Привет! Хорошо! Все бы так писали :)
    Извините конечно, но теперь о самом главном! Хотела рассказать всем про фото и схемы причёсок для детей, и к тому же длинная косая челка для высокого лба, а так же каре удлиненное и в конце-концов есть ещё нежные вечерние прически.


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