Friday, March 25, 2011

Persephone Minerals Sailor Sensh Mars


I received my goodies from Persephone Minerals!! It should be my last makeup purchase until mid May. This damn credit card NEEDS TO GO AWAY NOW!

This was my very first Persephone purchase and I am in so much <3 right now. Victoria, the owner, makes some BEAUTIFUL sparkly colours!

So the first group I will show you is the Sailor Senshi Mars collection.

I also did a quick EOTD that kind of sucks because I had maybe 15 minutes to get my whole face done :( I'll post it anyway and re-do it in the future.

Also I had a major dumbass moment, I had the jars flipped upside down to take a picture to remember the names in order and as I flipping them around and opening them to get an open jar shot, I opened Princess Mars up the wrong way. My mister has a pink bill statement now..

Mars Crystal Power, Princess Mars, Mars Flame Sniper (on far right)
Sailor Mars, Rei

Mars Crystal Power

Mars Flame Sniper


And last, but not least, Victoria's colour descriptions and inspiration for the shades:

Sailor Senshi Mars

Inspired by the pink & gold crystal power wands and the transformation sequence of Sailor Mars. This is one hell of a duochrome shift from bright red to gold, chock full of pink and gold sparkle! It looks like a pinkish color in the jar, but do not let that fool you!
**Mars Crystal Power is lip safe, but not vegan**

Just a soft touch of super shimmering red, inspired by the dress of Princess Mars.
**Princess Mars is lip safe but not vegan**

A nice deep red, overloaded with red, orange, and gold microfine glitters, inspired by the attack of Super Sailor Mars. This makes one wicked liner!!

***SAILOR MARS*** This is an extremely bright red with purple microfine glitters, inspired by the sailor soldier uniform of Sailor Mars ;)
**Sailor Mars is lip safe but not vegan**

Inspired by Rei's never-ending purple-tinged black hair, this shade is a deep, dark blackened purple full of microfine black and purple glitters.
**Rei is lip safe but not vegan**


Victoria recently released so seriously awesome looking Mystical Highlight powders.

When my own shopping ban is over I plan on picking up Alya, Carina, Ursa, Lyra and Saggita.


*******Right now you CAN HAS COUPON CODE!: crystaltokyo to receive 20% off until April 1st, so fill up that cart yo! :)********

Chibo Moon, Sailor Moon and sample swatches dans la futur.


  1. This looks like a beautiful collection!! And your EOTD is beautiful too!

  2. Wow I love your EOTD! Very beautiful on you, and nice collection as well!

  3. So awesome on you! Mars Crystal Power is my favorite!

  4. Mars Crystal Power looks gorgeous!

  5. @dslrbbt thank you! :) The 5 shades go so well together!

    @Yasmin thank you! :)

    @Phyrra Spanks lady! Mars Crystal Power is so awesome! If I had more time I would have PE'd it on top the look.

    @Elizabeth It's crazy pretty! It's best used over pixie epoxy to make the gold stay around without blending it away.

  6. Oh man, I freakin love the EOTD you did with the colors!