Thursday, March 31, 2011

U Lyk Shiny Stuffz?

I sure as hell do which is why I CAN'T STOP STARING AT THESE!

I made my first Whimsy Beading purchase during a sale and picked up The Wintersmith's Offering and the Ice Queen pendant. This is another store I've seen before but put off on ordering because it sort of felt like punching my Oma in the face.
Huh, kinda graphic there eh?

Let the kitteh explain! My Oma has been beading since I was probably 5. She loves it and does gorgeous work! So buying beadwork from someone else felt wrong, so I justified it by thinking "I don't wanna bother Oma and these are already made and DAMN BEAUTIFUL, so buy away madame, buy that NOW! OMG SALE!"

And that's the story of the day. I didn't actually punch my Oma in the face. Anyone who tries that needs to have their fists chopped off. DON'T HIT YOUR GRANDMAS!
PSA of the day...

Back to topic!
Wait one more thing, if you read something I write and it doesn't quite make sense, like an entire word is missing or a random word is said like an autocorrect fail, or some letters are backwards (I just typed "potic" up there instead of topic) I don't know what's going on in my head. It's not new that I jumble things but lately it's been HORRIBLE! Some posts I have to fix 3 times because of missing words, letters and misspelled words, usually missing a vowel or something. And it annoys the shit out of me so I've just been hitting submit post without looking through. The process of fixing the stupid word can take 3 or 4 tries because at that point I get so frustrated I keep hitting the wrong letters again >:[

Dear my brain, stop being a fucker KTHX!

Now back to the shiny stuff topic!

I swear these things friggin glow.

The more blue one is the Wintersmith's Offering. Ice Queen is more blue than the flash pictures show, so the unfocused pics near the bottom are without flash in an attempt to show the colours better. The flash tends to kill any blue and my camera doesn't take very good non-flash photos.

So here they are on BLACK!



More closeups!

And more unrelated makeup stuff Britney Spears is coming to town July 4th!! I'm not familiar with anything that doesn't have a music video past Ooops I Did it Again. I just think it would be really fun to see. The only other huge concert I've been to was My Chemical Romance because my friend really wanted to go.
I've been to loads of other concerts in Calgary, but none as popular as stadium shows. My boyfriend was the first to suggest it. I blame Robyn, getting him hooked to girly pop music. And that woman needs to get more popular in North America again. PEOPLE ARE MISSING OUT!
C'mon! She does a friggin duet with SNOOP DOGG!
But this song is my favourite. Listen to it and tell me it DOESN'T MAKE YOU FEEL WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE! teehee
One more incase you actually like what I'm linking :D

And there you have my super off topic rambly post. Shiny stuff, brain bitching, Britney, Snoop and robots. You're very welcome :D


  1. I love Whimsy Beading, I have Wintersmith earrings and a lot of other shiny, sparkly Whimsies. Kelly does awesome custom jewellery, too!

  2. For Britney Spears, just be prepared. If you are actually expecting a concert, you will be disappointed. She lipsynchs throughout most of it, it's basically a performance and that is it. :(

  3. I want Ice Queen now, just because it looks like a fancy version of Iron Man's chest glowy thing (that keeps him live too!)