Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fyrinnae Swatches

The mister is at work so I had time to colour on my arms like a crazy person so that means


It was a great excuse to try to salvage the dying primer left in my Urban Decay Pro size Primer Potion. AKA DO NOT BUY THAT SHIT. Unless you are making up like, 20 faces a day, everyday forEVAR. Waste of money. Look at my poor tube.

It got so thick, it came out the bottom. LURVELY EH?

Sorry, my inner Canuck just popped out to say hi there.

And apparently my inner British Columbian because I just fixed the typo that said "high there".

Getting off topic as usual.

Back to srs bsns

This was my order from Fyrinnae from the middle of August. It came ages ago but I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire, so swatches were held off.



Aparently I was on a pink/gold/neutral kick

Here are the pretties

First group:
Calavera Cupcakes, Sacred, Te Amo (aww I LOVE YOU TOO!), Fire Opal, Sugar Skulls, Chaotic Evil, Gilded Wings, Polar Bear (UDPP on top, FPE below)

Window light

Random Coolness

Group 2 'cause my arm isn't that long:

Sake & Sashimi, Newcastle, Pumpkinfire, Medieval Haunting (these 4 done over new UDPP, tired of fighting over the evil one)


You can kind of see the green sparkles in Sake & Sashimi better in the shitty windowlight picture. I wish I knew the magic words to make window light/no flash pics not look like blurry ass. But tis okay! It seems sparkles show better in blurs anyway.

It's one of those things you have to ask yourself:


What Would Temptalia Do?

Yeah I linked her, for those who don't know who Temptalia is, yet manage to find me instead. IMPOSSIBLE, I KNOWZ IT.

Also I lied on what book I was reading next when I said THIS ONE in that last post because I made it through a chapter and realized I was in a more smart assed mood and decided to give THIS ONE A GO instead. (First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones for those wary of my ninja linkage skillz) It was pretty fantastic. I'm 1/5 of the way through the second one now.

Sarcastic smart ass arrogant characters are TEH BESTEST. We need more books like that. Instead of mopey sad emo Bella's...


And that, grasshopper, is how you take a post on something, and manage to throw it off track many, many times.

What is this ADD you speak of?


  1. UGH I need Gilded Wings, Fire Opal, Sake & Sashimi, Newcastle, Pumpkinfire and Medieval Haunting. CURSE YOUUUUUUU *shakes glitter covered fist angrily*

  2. Because of you, I bought the Dragon Kin books. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY! <3 I still need to swatch my Fyrinnae order. My to-swatch pile is defeating me.

  3. @Silhouette Yes. Yes you do. Hop on that eh? Especially Sake & Sashimi. GREEN GLITTER DUDE! I said "gleen" at first. NICE!

    @Amanda LMAO!!! YES I AM! I hope they don't suck, if I can stomach dudes turning into dogs, dudes turning into fire breathing monsters of awesome shouldn't be that big of a stretch huh :D Swatching always defeats me. I was going to pull out more of my Fyrinnae shades yesterday because I was on a roll but nope, I got distacted and that plan went down the tubes.

  4. NICE! I have a Fyrinnae swatch post coming up as well (if I ever have time!) LOL to the "high there/British Columbian" thing! I wonder if anyone else out there got that.....

  5. lol I was wondering also :D Glad someone mentioned it! My wittiness wasn't totally wasted hahah