Sunday, September 18, 2011


Super duper kick ass earrings in 5...4...3...2...1


No, not really.

If they look familiar you may recognize them from True Blood! We just finished season 3 and when I saw the earrings from the show I thought they looked so awesome, and amazingly the dude agreed and he surprised me with them for my birthday yesterday!!!

They are from Tiffany & Co. called the Elsa Peretti Teardrop earrings.

Their picture shows the point to be more blunted than in real life. In real life these bitches drew BLOOD YO! Holy frig you have to really squish your ear in just the right way and fiddle for like 5 minutes. But in the end, LOOK AT THE BLING!

I had them on backwards and had the joy of taking them out and squishing them back on again. It's even harder when you put them the direction they're meant to go :D

I don't plan on taking them out for a long time anyways. My right hole started to heal because nothing was worn in my ears for so long because those cheapy earrings from Claire's tend to irritate my ears. So far since wearing these the only problem I had (other than initial freakin blood loss) was getting my towel stuck to my head.

Oh that was fun. I felt real special just then.

I also snagged Urban Decay's BOS 4 as a bday present to me.

HAH Who am I kidding, I would have bought the thing even if they released it 3 months ago.

The mall trip was to get more primer because the $30+ tube of UDPP DRIED OUT! And yeah, palette was impulse buy. YAY! At this rate the CC will be paid off XMAS '13...

And a super shitty EOTD I thought would have worked out but didn't.

Baked on lid
Hijack in crease
Bust above crease (probably could have skipped this step)
Crystal to blend inner 1/4 of lid
Zephyr on browbone
Cobra lower lashline with Baked blended below it
Liquid liner that came with the set
Mascara that came with the set

I was really hoping Hijack would have looked more teal like it did in the pan, but not on my eyes aparently.

Oh wells.

1 pic cuz it sucked.



1 more bit of news. Check your Kindle cords peeps.

Not even 5 months old and the cord is splitting. I went to Amazon to see how much it would be to order a new cord and noticed it had twice as many 1-star ratings than 5-star and it was mostly for the problem I had.
I emailed Amazon and they had to send a $10 credit to the account to place and order, and when the order ships, I email them again with the info so they reimburse me for the shipping charge.


If someone pays $180 for something, parts of it should not be failing in less than 5 months. And with the amount of complaints, a better cord should be included, instead of the cheap one they send out instead. Yes I'm getting a new cord, but it still irks me so many people have this problem, and just a quick look at the reviews, it's been happening for awhile. Just keep an eye on your cords, and don't be surprised when teeny wires start popping out :(

There. Shiny stuff, new makeup, and a mini rant all in one.



  1. Wait. Tiffany's has ... earrings to help you gauge? That's awesome.

  2. Aw, crap, the Book of Shadows is out already? I need a friggin' job so I can go buy it! I NEEDS IT!!!

  3. Those earrings are so cute !!! I received my BoS today , i bought it on Ebay ( well overpaid of course ) , but i couldn't wait until the prices were dropped down , i paid $105 including shipping . Crazy ??? I know ...

  4. Wow, what an amazing pair of earrings! And it's a shame that those tubes of UDPP seem to dry out on everyone. xP

  5. I had the same thing happen with my Nook Color cord. I got the reader for Christmas last year and had to replace the cord last month, so it made it a mere 8 months before falling apart.

    Hijack was the UD color I was most interested in, so I'm sad to see it failed for you. I'll be passing this one up.

  6. Happy belated Birthday to you! You're a lucky girl :D

  7. Spanks Lillian!! :) I had a tub of raspberry cheesecake ice cream to make the day more awesomer :D

  8. Damn, that's some attention to detail! I didn't even notice Pam was wearing earrings in that scene. Anyway the earrings are purrty and I wish I could've witnessed this towel-sticking-to-the-head business XD

    And pfft your EOTD looks lovely! *whacks you with newspaper*

  9. Not quite madam! That dude was threatening her with them, he wanted to pierce her eyelids cuz they are sterling silver hahahah. HOW FREAKIN BAD WOULD THAT BE! ouch.
    And I still say my look sucked nuts :D

  10. LOL!! Is that last picture from the Pita Pit? Holy f***, those earrings are just fantastic!

  11. IT IS PITA PIT! Hahahaha, I had to use the washroom and this mega pickle was just staring at me, I had to take a pic :D