Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teal and Purple EOTD

Coastal Scents recently had a 50% off sale on some of their palettes and since I didn't own any, I bought all 3 that were on sale.  Can't go wrong for 10 bucks-ish! When I first go into makeup and watched a lot of youtube videos it seemed everyone had an 88 pallette.  So many colours, I don't know why it took me so long to finally grab one. 

And now I have 3!  Yay!

I bought the Original, Ultra Shimmer and Warm palettes. 

With this look I used the Shimmer palette and a nude from the Warm one.

Lower liner is UD Rockstar.  It ended up matching the purple exactly!  I didn't even know the crease shade was a purple when I picked it out, I thought it was brown.  My living room was dark, but I'm happy with the accident! 

First blob do-hickey was the inner lid and part of inner crease
Second do-hickey was main lid colour
Third do-hickey was the crease


  1. I got this palette in a swap . I like the look you did with it , pretty ! Especially that purple-brownish color you've used is nice .

  2. Good choice of colours my friend!!! They match so frigging good together!!! Haha and how amusing it is to read that you had no idea of the colour you picked because of the darkness, i love moments like that!!!/Azure

  3. Lovely colours! I like my 88 palette, I crack it out when I can't think of anything to do with my makeup. If you can't think of something after looking at 88 colours together, then you've got problems, lol!

  4. I did a look very similar to this last week, using UD Rockstar! Love it :)

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  6. Sorry, I had to delete last comment, I made a typo and pressed publish not preview...anyway I agree with the comments here, I saw that sale, but passed it by. Wishing I hadn't now! x