Monday, September 9, 2013

Cut Crease Recreation/Half-face Makeup Look

Some days I get lost in Google-land and find some looks I'd like to try out.  I don't even have a specific search in mind. One minute I'll be googling the nutritional benefits of cucumbers, or drooling over in-floor bath tubs and my mind wanders back to makeup usually.  Probably something like "yellow eyeshadow" or "cheek illuminator". But I have no freakin clue how I stumbled onto the look I tried to recreate for this post.  I found it on, I think it's like a makeupbee-type website.

I didn't bother doing both eyes because but it's kinda neat seeing the before/after.  Or after/before in this case!  I should have powdered the right side too, I use Tarte Maracuja oil so I just look greasy right there hahahah

 I used all Sugarpill (Tako, Bulletproof, Buttercupcake), the NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil and the teal shade was from one of my UD palettes but I can't remember which one.

And the original by Codigo

And my eyeball again