Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oslo Cosmetics/Odoro Perfume

~2nd edit~ If you don't like snark, you might as well click the back button now.  I've never censored myself, nor do I plan to. So if you're the kind of person that can't see picture evidence because you just can't look past my "bitchiness", well, that's kinda too bad for ya. If you've been following me for years and haven't dropped me yet for my wonderful "tone", you won't be surprised by this post.  It's just another rant by me.  So sit back, grab the popcorn and have a chuckle.  I SAID CHUCKLE, DAMMIT!
 Indie's bahaving badly, volume "who knows".

Where do you draw the line when you decide a shop is not worth the trouble?

Fingerprints in jars
Stealing other photos as your own
Making things and releasing them without further testing to look for product wear
Fib fib, fibbity fib fib.

WELL FOLKS, Oslo is guilty in 3/4 of that list.  Not the fingerprints, that I know of.  I just get really grossed out by prints and felt the need to gross y'all out again. I quit 2 shops due to that bit of yuck. 

First lets talk about stealing photos.  At one point Oslo was using a Jill Stuart photo to show off her trios.  She also used a swatch of Too Faced lip cream as one of her own.  When it was brought to Reddit's attention her excuse was:

Man that's tiny, I'll copy:
deletetoast Owner of Oslo Cosmetics 19 points ago
I made a mistake guys! :( They photos were meant to be inspiration, not actual looks made with the product itself. I've updated all the photos and I just wanted to apologize for any confusion!! I haven't had an official photoshoot with people wearing my product yet, so I will have to get on that! Thanks for the heads up everyone, it was actually a lot of help. Sorry again!

 I'd love to see Cover Girl use Urban Decay's photos for "inspiration" and see how well that goes over.  

I guess that excuse was good enough though, she somehow got 19 imaginary internet points.  Here's the whole thread of (mostly) forgiveness.

Lets get to testing issues!  There have been a few times in the indie world where people have gotten duds because the shop didn't test things properly.  Like lip colours for example.  When made poorly, you end up with mold and a fuzzy mess and well, there goes your hard earned dollars because someone didn't feel the need to check out shelf life. Or because they just want a quick buck!
Like Olso! Oct 1, tubes ordered, Oct 5, Swatches, Oct 7, OUT DA DOOR. Not saying these will get moldy, just that NO PRODUCT TESTING HAS BEEN DONE.  So she's basically using customers as guinea pigs.

Now, I'm not a makeup formulator, so I don't have the cosmetics making knowledge on how long you should test a wet product for, but something tells me it should be longer than less than a fucking week, no?

And the next part is a mix between fib fibbaroo and no product testing.

When someone posts something like:

"Soooooo I'm going to try and make my own perfumes, wish me luck! XD" ~ Oct 31

Does that sound like someone who has been making fragrances for years?  

"These are just for myself, and gifts for the holidays"
"Once I master it I will think about selling to others!"
"I'll experiment with it over time."

Well since Olso has a habit of not testing things, it seemed a bit odd that this would be posted and them BAM!!! shop is open 11 days later and posted to Reddit.

Concerns were brought up and ROLL IN THE EXCUSE TRAIN.

WOOOOOO, WOOOOOOOOO < That's my mighty train horn.

heh, noroli

 The funny thing about the neroli one, someone in the indiemakeupandmore subreddit was asking about a neroli perfume.  LO AND BEHOLD, 7 days later a wild neroli perfume appears!

It's since been deleted.  

Lets break apart those excuses now!

Hey Joyce, how were you able to release so fast?
"Oh well, you see, a boutique in town wanted my stuff that I just happened to have in this short time frame."  So this shop wanted non-tested product you just happened to have?
But she's not looking to go big you guys, she's blog posting and etsy-ing/store envy-ing so that the boutique owner can order easily. Because that owner needs 2 shops to order from, obvz.  "It's not meant to be a big thing at all" *cough, $40 1-note perfumes, cough*  
She's been making perfume for years so obviously it's safe, testing's for suckas. 

"This is not something I plan on making money on." So Joyce, why are you sharing on Reddit then?  Land of a hundred million, trillion, billion users. I may be over exaggerating that number, but there are plenty. "I wanted to get feedback from people"  Feedback from people when you only meant to make them for yourself and a magical boutique fell on your lap.

You spelled "neroli" wrong, managed to print it, take a picture, crop the photo and upload to your blog without noticing.


Fucking sure.

And then she deleted the whole thread.  Kinda like what she did to the stolen pictures.  And the neroli self promote. The moment the picture thing was brought up on reddit, she was quick to delete everything before rolling out that excuse train "I DIDN'T KNOW STEALING WUZ BAD"

So I capped everything, because I saw how fast she was to delete stolenpicturegate2013.

So there.

Was that bitchy of me?  YOU BETCHA!

I just hate new indies treating people like test dummies.  Olso seems to jump on whatever badwagon is rolling at the moment.  

Oct 24 Shiro "Winter is coming"
Oct 25 Oslo "Game of Thrones collection in the shop tonight!" 

Was that just a freaky coincidence?  Hard to say, the store didn't have any pop-culture references before hand.  But she could have pumped out those 5 shades in a day, no problem, it's not like Oslo/Odoro products get tested or anything.  Sure neither shop would be the first to do a GOT collection, it just seemed fishy to see one thing come a day after the other.  

 The only reason I'm nitpicking this one is from Joyce's behaviour earlier.  Had she never stolen pictures as her own, or released lip colours in just a week, it probably would have gone right over my head.  But now every action seems sketchy, and you can add a 10 day old perfume shop to that list.

~~~EDIT: That GOT one looked fishy but wasn't, a link was posted on Twitter that I missed on October 11~~~  
Seeee?  Now I'm all paranoid at the fuckery.

Lets throw a 3rd edit in here:  Joyce saying this:
Aaaaand then a few minutes later, saw a redditor say she was waiting on a sample order for perfume. 

Make of that what you will.
Heeeeey, just found this awesome self promote in the 3rd person.  Mindy thinks that's just fuckin' weird dude.  lololol



What do you think?  No anonymous comments coming up with excuses for her, or I'll just assume you're Joyce.  Wouldn't be the 2st time speaking in 3rd person!
Or the 2nd time..or 3rd.....


  1. Yesss. Thank you for putting this all into a coherent post. I couldn't believe how forgiving Reddit was of what seemed like obvious BS to me. I'm not at all surprised she did this. She seems to have no shame and no end to her excuses, I wonder what she's going to do in the future.

  2. Sketchy sketchball. Have been wary since day one.


    I have to wonder how stupid Ms. Kim thinks the indie community is. Good indies test their products for months, sometimes over a year depending on the product. She doesn't seem to understand this, yet she sells products people use on their eyes? GTFO.

  4. :O I wish I had seen this before I ordered from her! I ordered the Aquila blush and had an extremely nasty experience with it, breakouts EVERYWHERE, now all I can wonder is if she even bothered testing it before release or if I was an uncompensated guniea pig.

    1. I'm a dope and just realized you know about the thread I posted a few minutes ago lol. Just ignore my first reply. Still wish you speedy good skin again!

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