Friday, April 1, 2011

New scents from OHWTO

All right you perfume junkies, Becca from One Hand Washes The Other has OODLES of new scents for you to get.

Here was part one

and part two

For part 1, 3 of the scents are only available in oil form, Let Them Eat Cake!, Lady Grey and Mermaid.

In part one Becca explains the difference between "Stock" scents and "private stock" scents. Private Stock scents are scents she creates by blending. Stock scents are already blended.

Part 2 lists the "stock" fragrances you can currently buy and part 1 is the blended "Prvate Stock" list.

I hope I didn't confuse you as I kind of did me :s

To sum it all up, her stuff is awesome so STOP READING AND GO BUY ALREADY!

If you wanna grab 13 at once, HIT THIS SHIT UP YO!

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I have loads but there are MANEH MANEH I don't have yet but my current favourites:

Desolation Angel
Sugar Skulls
A crapload of holiday ones that are no longer available so I don't know why I am typing this...
Blackberry Sage Tea
Citrus Cilantro (just like the Pier 1 oil, not the stinky candle version)
Mayan Gold
Nag Champa

And as I go through her lists I realize there are even MORE I hadn't noticed before. I need more. There's one called Faerie Dust. Who the hell wouldn't want a perfume called Faerie Dust?!? NOT ME SO SIREE :)
Rambles done now, go buy for real now.

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  1. thanks for pointing out Faerie Dust! one of the few OHWTO scents i don't have...yet! Spring part 1 is divine (just received them all today) and i can't wait to get part 2! woot!