Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Lip Swatches

I found a few lip swatches I did awhile but was too lazy to post.

I'm not able to do any right now because my lips are still crazy chapped. When this dry wind and crap goes away, I'll be a happy gal.

First up, Morgana Cryptoria's Goldrush

And a total artsy shopped shot all cleaned up and crap cuz it looks sweet. Kinda?

And Kiss My Sass's Los Angeles

Actually now that I think about, I think I did post the suds n sass one already.

Oh well

Here it is again cuz it's awesome

And I think this one was MAC's Courting Lilac that I wore Dec 22

That went with this look, and I have no freakin clue what I used but I really like it now!

I still can't find my damn 24K Pumpkin Morgana lippie. Nobody stole it, I have no roommates and I haven't even gotten to wear it yet. This makes me grr. It didn't fall in my couch, not in the traincase. Not on the vanity. There must me a little black hole in here somewhere...