Friday, April 8, 2011

One of those "looked better in real life" FOTDs

A problem with me loving stuff with awesome shimmers and sparkles, is the camera doesn't pick them up well and then in the pics it just looks booooring. This look wasn't boring though in real life. More neutral than usual but with greeny gold sparkly shimmer awesomeness.
Like MAC's Black Line pearlglide eyeliner, it's crazy shimmery as you can see in the swatch here but in these pics, you can barely see the shimmer in my lower lash line.


I used:
Aromaleigh Love Note on lid
Aromaleigh Viburnum in crease
Persephone Pegasus in inner corner
Burberry Trench 02 on browbone
Joe Fresh Black felt pen eyeliner
Mac Black liner lower lashline
Rimmel Sexy Curves Blackest Black mascara

Burberry Ruby Lip Cover

And I got tired of looking at my shit ass eyebrows so I decided to crop them out the next 2 cuz THAT'S HOW I ROLL!

Whole face minus some forehead because I didn't feel like looking at that either...

And then the lipstick wore off through dinner, so here's it afterwards.

In more makeuppy news, MAC's Quite Cute collection is now available. Spend over $90 and you get some cute pins.

Just a warning, the site is SO FUCKING ANNOYING right now, all these little pictures hopping around for you to click, it's too chaotic and I couldn't wait to hit "checkout" :/


  1. That's a beautiful look even if you say it doesn't look like irl :D It is annoying to wear glittery/shimmery eyeshadows and in photos the light reflects from certain glitter and makes it look like you have gaps in eyeshadow or some other stupid thing. :)

  2. lovely! specially with the red lip, it suits you so well :D

  3. @Duvessa Thank you! And the gaps just make me think of eyeball bald spots hahaha, just means I have to take moooore pics to try to make it not so bald looking lol

    @Roxanne Thank you! This is only my 2nd time wearing this one out because I am so bad at applying it :D

  4. Love the red lips. It's always so annoying to try taking pictures of sparkles. Either the picture is in focus, or it's glittery. It's a big choice.

  5. Awesome look! Red lips look amazing on you!

  6. I love this look!! What color are you wearing on your cheeks?? :)

  7. @Reggie thank you :) It's such a pain in the ass for swatches too because it seems blurry ones are the more accurate ones :(

    @The Peach Thanks lady! :D

    @Kerry Merci! I can't believe I forgot to mention blush! That would be MAC's Wonder Woman Mghty Aphrodite blush duo swirled together to make it one shade and I highlighted with Meow's xmas glow powder in "Present"

  8. LOLLLLLL I loved this post I laughed several times! "Shit ass eyebrows" lol. Also, I agree, there was a MAC Canada site before that was very simple and clean, the website now fucks with my brain! Great lip colour! Also, the colour on your lid has a great shimmer to it!

  9. Ooooooohhhhhhh....I like this:) I'm loving the eye shadow colors and texture. Fabulous:)

  10. Awesome sparkly look ... and the red lips are so hot ! one word : gorgeous !

  11. So gorgeous! You are stunning. And psh, whatever, to your "shit ass eyebrows."