Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DJ Starscream

Huh, well, aparently that's an actual DJ stagename, I was just trying to play on the eyeshadow name's words :D

WHATEVZ! It sounds sweet so I'm still gonna call this look that.

Yesterday I got my bignormous Persephone Minerals order where I ordered the last 3 sailor scouts collections and then a bunch of others (I'm thinking 14 maybe kinda?) so it was a sweet mail day. Also in the mail was my bottle of OHWTO's Finnegan's Folly perfume oil. (heartsigngoesherecuzbloggerwontletme)

ALSO IN THE MAIL: *story time cuz that's how I roll, all over the damn place, that's how. And with nothing to do with makeup a lot of the time...*
Ever since I saw the Hunger Games Entertainment Weekly preview on twitter I was all I NEED THAT MAGAZINE!
You see, we have a years subscription to Entertainment Weekly. And for like 2 months they've been sending renew notices. Like once a week. It's annoying really. One even said "ARGGGG!" because it was for Pirates of the Caribbean. So knowing this magazine is coming out, we decide to wait a few days to see if it's coming in the mail, or if the last issue already came. Then my mister walks into a 7/11 and sees the week before's issue so we're not sure if it's out yet. We wait a few more days and all of a sudden this week's issue is out. It's like they just skipped past the Hunger Games issue.

Well isn't that a kick to the box.

So I'm all boohoo-y because I really wanted to read it, see if it has any movie info and I <3 Jennifer Lawrence ever since seeing Winter's Bone in that cold ass lil theatre downtown.

Then yesterday I open that mail box and BAMMO! MAGAZINE (a week late) PERSEPHONE ORDER, OHTWO PERFUME!

It was a very good mail day.

And there's my ramble for today. Just be glad you don't work with me. I'm usually blabbing all kinds of boring nonsense crap to my coworkers and I swear I can see their eyes glaze over.

I used:
Lid: Don't Date the DJ
Crease: Lady Starscream
Browbone: Buttercream Bliss
Lower Liner: Teeny Tiny T-Backs
Other liner: Physician's Formula bignamethingy gel.

My glasses pretty much hide my eyelids but I felt the pic was needed still. YAY BATHROOM PICTURES!

HAH! Stupid pony tail is stupid..

I haven't swatched anything yet but I will eventually. It's been gloomy and ugly lately and I just feel like reading all the time. Done book 4 of the series which shall not be named. On to 5!


  1. OMG you are so mean, I clicked on this post and was like *hyperventilates* PLEASE LET THIS BE ABOUT SID FROM SLIPKNOT (DJ Starscream is his side project) and then it wasn't :(

    Regardless, the green sheen on the lid colour is gorgeous and I am going to steal it. All the way from the Southern Hemisphere. Yep.

  2. Pretty! I love Lady Starscream. And days where everything comes in the mail are just lovely :D

  3. lmao so you've heard of the dude and I'm still grumpypants the name was already taken hahaha. If I hear a window being creaked open, I know it's just you then :D

    @Lillian Thank you! And it's so sparkly I hope I can gets lots of use from it :)

  4. Oooh I love the name you picked for this look! I have to go look up DJ Starscream now lol. I love what you've done with Don't Date the DJ, I have it and it's a favourite! I think I need Lady Starscream too!
    Also, F**K YEAH to awesome mail days!!!

  5. This is gorgeous! & OMG your blog is SO cute :)

  6. @Vulcan_Butterfly Don't Date the DJ is now one of my favourites. That green sheen makes me fall hard :D

    @Vintage Makeup Thank you!!! :) I gotta change my banner though, it's too massive!

  7. Love this old gold eye make up looks good.