Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dirty Yellow! And uh, Happy Rapture Boxing Day

Back on my dirty lookin' kick I got going on right now (oh kill me, I typed "write now" just then) yellow was the next shade I wanted to muddy up. Something tells me pink would also look pretty kick assy with the grey and yellow...

I know, I'm not very creative using the same combo and just switching the lid colour, but it's working so sweet right now! That and I'm not totally creative to begin with so if I find something that works, I'm riding that wave baybeee! :D

If I have enough time in the mornings, Satin Laces, Dollipop and Dinosaur Plushie are going to be my next 3 victims with the Willow/Buttercupcake combo. There hasn't been much updating lately because I have to take the bus bright and early and now that my hair is different, it doesn't fit into an elastic so I'll probably be fussing with it everyday, losing MORE time. Oh goody!

The other time eater is my Kindle. I can't help it. The dude gets ignored for hours as I wait to see how Rachel Morgan handles a vampire for a roomate and having damn near everyone wanting the poor witch dead.

Now to ze eyeballs

I used:

Lid: Aromaleigh's Airy Ethos (Victoria's Revenge)
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow (Carolina Summer Mattes)
Upper crease and lower lashline smudged over liner: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake
Browbone: Aromaleigh's Wonder-ous (Wonderstruck)
Inner corner: Persephone's Eternal Sailor Moon (yeah that wasn't in the green look but I wanted more shiny!)
Liner: Physician's Formula reallylongnameoneagain
Lower Liner: Mac Pearlglide Intense Liner in Black Line, smudged a lot. (This also wasn't in the green look but it's the weekend and I had all the time in the world. I knew I wouldn't get raptured, I'm too much a heathen... :)

And my face with hair I couldn't brush at the time because the mister wouldn't hurry his ass up out of the bathroom.

My face looks a bit lighter than my neck but it's actually the other way around. The flash reacted to the finishing powder I think. I went to MAC again to try to get matched. The 1st time I went, the girl told me NW20, but I didn't like how thick the formula was (studio sculpt) so I went to another MAC and that girl matching me with NC15 Studio Fix. It was right for some parts of my face, mostly my lower cheek bones but my neck doesn't match my face in shade so I ended up looking too pale and masklike.

It's funny, they say to find your skintone (warm or cool) to see what colour your veins show, blue is cool, green is warm. But my wrist has a blue line in the middle with the ones on either side of it showing more green. You can see how I can't figure this out! I'm dutch, which you probably expect fair skin, blonde hair blue eyes, definitely cool tones (like all my aunts and most of my cousins.) But I'm half native, dark hair, brown eyes, gotta be warm? Not this chick. Even my birthmark doesn't know what race I am, my arm is 2 splotchy shades, with blonde hairs sprouting up from the pale bits and brown hair on the darker skin lol. My mom didn't blend me well enough I guess :D

Back to foundation woes...

The 3rd try I told the girl I didn't want a shade to match my face, but to match my neck and I think I just about have my match now, NC25. I think to get it more right I should mix it with NC15 (NC20 looked too beige, not golden enough). For right now, this bottle will do. My Meow order came in the mail and I have to mix 2 of those but I can't remember if I did 2 parts dark to 1 part light, or the other way around. 50/50 didn't work last time.

Anybody wanna trade faces?


  1. I feel your pain! I'm the same way, blue and green veins (I guess I'm neutral) but I need more of a yellow based foundation to even things out. I mix in Meow too. And in other companies. Most of them actually. the dirty yellow!

  2. Beautiful look! I hate foundation. I wear NC15 but I'm not really that light, it's just that my neck and upper chest area for some reason are WAY lighter than my face and the rest of me so NC15 is a bit too light for the skin on my face but it's darker than the skin on my neck....ARGH! I am too lazy to spend the money finding another colour, though. Also, I see that the rapture is over and I'm still here. I guess I'm going to hell LOL!

  3. @Thia Winter So I'm not going crazy and others have the funky 2 colour veins too lol. I feel less alone now :) Such a pain!

    @Vulcan_Butterfly Thank you! Foundation shopping just all around blows lol. I wish I could be like those lucky buggers who can throw on some concealer and volia all done. Do you wear moisturizer with SPF in it? I think that could be partly why my face is a different shade than my neck. I don't wear sunscreen (too lazy I am) but my face crap usually has it in there.

  4. Satin Laces, Dollipop and Dinosaur Plushie plz!

    My veins are mostly blue, but it's pretty hard to tell with some of them. They're just.... veiny. Love the dirty yellow, very sexy!

  5. There you go again, making muddy colours look pretty. Unfair! :O

    I feel your pain, my neck is lighter than my face but *really* yellow, and my face is yellow-toned but has a bit of pink and then some redness. If I match my neck to my face I look too pink, but if I match my face to my neck then I'm obscenely yellow. All I know is that I've found a decent enough match in Revlon Colourstay and am too scared to venture outside of my little box now XD

  6. When I saw the words "dirty" and "yellow" together I thought of something gross, like... yellow snow or undergarments left on the sidewalk (happens more often than one would expect on campuses). This is way, WAY prettier than either of those ideas.

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: I think the idea is that those left behind have to live in the "hell" that is Earth, which really isn't too bad so far.