Friday, October 21, 2011

Cirque du Awesome


I'm pretty bummed out right now. I broke my favourite toy.


I'm not usually hard on my stuff, actual books I don't bend spines, have clean hands, no food around them, but I swear the Kindle is a floor magnet. I drop it all the time by accident or it'll slip off my lap.

My very 2nd day of having this thing, I was in the bus stop, my phone rang and I didn't know if you answer the phone the iPod stops so I was rushing to unplug the headphones and I knocked the Kindle off my lap onto the dirty ass bus shelter concrete. DAY 2! It popped open in a few places and got a lovely scratch on the side.

But that's not how I did this mess. NUH UH.

I was leaving for work and shoved 2 cans of pop into my backpack, stuck the Kindle in one of the front pockets and set it on the counter, and went to see if there was anything else in the fridge worth munching and then BAMMMO. The cans weighed the bag down right off the EFFING COUNTER, landing right on the screen. It just wouldn't unfreeze. At first I could see the bottom bit of the screen but as I tried to fix it (ahem slap it around a lil) it got worse and worse and now I can't tell if it's on or not.

RIP lil dude. We had a good 6 months and books (teehee half finished books :)

I ordered another one, the new tiny one because it was cheaper and if I decide to slam it on bus shelter floors or throw cans on it again, might as well go cheap-ish.

Now that I've got you good and bored, ON TO MAKEUP!

I LOVE the green in this look here and I dug around to see if I had something similar and found my Meow Carnival collection. Cirque du Meow looked close so I teamed it up with Freakshow and a-la-ga-zam. I also loved this look here by Rachel so I decided that's how I wanted to wear it.

In the end my look looks like complete shite next to those 2 and my camera blurred 2 of the pictures hahaha, I WIN! At sucking that is.

I used: UDPP
Lid: NYX Milk for base
Inner half of lid: Cirque du Meow
Outer half of lid: Freakshow
Crease: A-la-ga-zam
Browbone: Dr. ZhicCATo
Liner: Sugarpill Poison Plum
Waterline: Bourjois Metalise Bleu Clinquant

Now I gotta put my Netflix account to good use with my toy broken because I HAS A BOREDOM. Reading a novel off the laptop blows dude. Not literally of course.


  1. That lid colour is incredible. Love the combination of colours in this look. The inspiration looks are amazing!

  2. You probably didn't break it - mine did the exact same thing and I didn't touch it - apparently there's some fault or something. Did you sprekken to Amazon? They just shipped me a replacement... I was so sad when I thought he had dieded :(

  3. Sweet look! That is a great color combination. Sorry to hear about your kindle, next time if that ever happens probably just call right away! Overwise messing with it could make it worse - pinching cables, snapping tiny pieces of plastic, or damaging the screen more.

  4. Thanks ladies! :)
    @Robyn and RoboZelda my mom said to call also but I had a feeling they would have just told me it was my fault anyway. From the starburst pattern on the screen you can see where the can landed so I doubt they'd help me :(

  5. That's awful!!! Especially because you were trying to read :(

  6. NOOOOO!!!!! Never hurts to try calling Amazon... they ARE getting a free plug on your blog. ^_-

  7. Booo I am sorry that you broke your favourite toy :( Is is just me getting old, or do they just not make things like they used to?

    Anyway, LOVE the bright look! The use of the two different eyeliner colours is brilliant! How do you get your waterline to look so perfect?

  8. I was thiiiiis close to calling Amazon but I have this issue with talking on the phone :s

    @Vulcan I KNOW HEY! And for something that freakin expensive it should have come with a protective case for idiots like me!
    And that liner is the ONLY one that works on my waterline just cuz it's teh waterproof and the only waterproof one I have :)