Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bloody Good Gold + Swatch Links


Today's EOTD made excellent usage of my

In other news NEW KINDLE IS HERE. I haven't called Amazon about my broken one yet. I have issues calling strangers :s Phones are teh debil.
Current book being read is here! Can't go wrong with $3 smut :)


Also I did a crazy swatch weekend but I think the reader thingys get updated with the most recent stuff, so you may have missed the posts in between.
So go here for Meow's Pandora's Box
here for Meow's X
here for Meow's Four Horsemen and
here for Meow's Zombie Apocalypse


  1. so pretty and shimmery! that liner looks so black too. :)

  2. Awesome combination of golds. This look is amazing.

  3. I love it . The gold is so pretty . Gold and red are awesome together !

  4. Every time I see your looks you wow me with your awesome blending! This is no exception... beautiful!

  5. Beautiful look, and those damned gorgeous swatches made me place another halloween meow order (in 3 weeks).....lol

  6. golden is so lovely! And with a black liner it's insanely beautiful!

  7. Yes. All the gold ever. While I agree that Honey would have been awesome in place of El Dorado, I love this look as it is.

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Can you teach me how to blend? You should film or do a picture tutorial of how you blend, seriously. I'd love to learn how you do it!