Saturday, November 19, 2011


I've posted this to the side, but I figure it deserves a post because I'm tired of all the spam I've been getting recently. Some people don't mind free shit when all they have to do is post about it, but I do because that's not what this blog is about. I'm not a walking billboard (most of the time :D ) I've only accepted from 2 companies (both makeup related) and I'm sure they're quite annoyed I haven't blogged about them enough because I only blog when I feel like it and only use the products when I feel like it. If I don't feel like talking about something, meh. Not gonna force myself. When you have to force yourself to do something you don't feel like doing, there's no more fun in it, and then I'd rather read a book. (119 now!)


Hi! If you are a company emailing me to offer me anything other than makeup for blog exposure I will not respond. My only interests are makeup (mostly indie) and reading. I don't want your bras (trust me, you don't have my size) I don't want your diet advice, etc. This is my personal space, I do EOTD's and swatches, and the random rant. That's it. I post what I feel like. I'm not turning it into something different. If you haven't seen a post on my blog offering what you're offering, chances are, I don't want it.
Thanks for understanding.

And now a picture because every post needs a picture! My broken Sleek palette of which they STILL haven't responded to me. Even when they GAVE me an email address of their associate. THANKS FOR NOTHING SLEEK.



  1. Just keep on doing your thing. They'll get the hint eventually. (:
    Broken palettes make me sad. ):

  2. A company approached you about dieting stuff? I can't remember you ever talking about that on this blog, and contacting a blogger who doesn't specifically focus on dieting/nutrition seems incredibly rude.

    And Sleek has been surprisingly douchetacular. Makes me sad because it seems like the have pretty good products, just not the intelligence or the courtesy to back that up.

  3. It's incredibly disappointing that Sleek has not taken care of the broken palette. I would be so LIVID if I had to pay extra costs because of mis-marked value, too! They can't keep ignoring you. At least, I hope they don't. Such bad customer service.

  4. Looks like the same douches contacted us both. I told the lingerie company I wasn't interested and then they STILL sent me the email about the launch. Sorry about the Sleek palette :( you should raise hell!

  5. Very sad to hear that about Sleek - I emailed them with a link to your post - right after I commented before - asking them to get in touch with you. The newly appointed staff to deal with social media etc don't seem to have moved things forward a great deal. :(

  6. How annoying on both counts. Hopefully you'll get less spam. Sleek have awesome products but I haven't heard anything about their customer service that hasn't been negative. You keep it it, though!

  7. aww. sorry about what happened with your makeup. i think, they should replace it asap. they are only making their image look bad.

  8. It certainly is irritating when random companies contact you all the time. My blog is quite new and I don't have many followers but I often get emails from companies wanting me to put stuff (lots isn't even makeup) on my sidebar or on my blog. Sorry, not interested, this isn't really the point of blogging. If an indie company wants something reviewed, that might be another story but I'm really not interested in a bunch of weird crap and a bunch of ads for weird crap on my blog. I also hate blogs that start out good but then end up plugging a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with makeup even. *SIGH* Good for you for not getting sucked into this kind of crap!

  9. haha such a good post! so can anyone tell me what breasts and make up has in common!? duh!
    sorry 'bout your sleek palette, hate when that happens!!!
    and talking about indie make up, you of all must have tried the pigments from Shiro cosmetics? recently bought the zelda collection (cuz zelda is the best!) and the colours are so similar to the charachters, and they are lipsafe and all. must.blend.own.lipgloss!

  10. @Kiwi Hopefully! Tis miy irritating :(

    @CandiedMango Yep some diet and health thing wanting to post an article or something. TOO FUCKING BAD. I drink diet pepsi and eat chocolate bars for breakfast, I'm not gonna be a giant hypocrite! growlies

    @Mandy I've given up on them, just debating if I wanna remove all my sleek swatching posts. They took me so long I feel like all that time was wasted :(

    @Sillhouettescreams lol Well you replied something so that OBVIOUSLY means "spam me please kthx!"

    @Sparklz and Shine Thank you :) I still haven't heard anything so I guess they just don't care. Or they're pissy I keep posting about it :D

    @olgiepolgie It's a shame the CS blows :(

    @Charm They should! I don't even wanna use it because I'm so mad at them.

    @VulcanButterfly EXACTLY!! The same goes for youtubers. A person will start out great and then all of a sudden ADS! ALL ADS!! Boring!

    @Eyegraffiti lol Unless I'm painting my boobs, yep nothin' in common there hahah.
    I still haven't tried Shiro! I keep meaning to but Meow releases something I'll "need" or OHWTO will have new perfume solids I "need" and then some other crap will come up and by the time I'm done I feel all guilty about shopping I has no monies left :(
    There are a bunch of compnaies I'd like to try out still.
    The zelda collection looks awesome! That's the one I want the most. Also NEW ZELDA GAME SOOn!