Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yellow Snow

I made it through Black Friday without spending a dime. I was so proud of me!

Then got pissed off at something and had to buy stuff and what better time to buy stuff when it's like 25% off?!? So I broke down and made 3 little orders.

2 Labyrinth lippies from Hi Fi, 4 perfumes from OHWTO
aaaahhhh much better. Thank you shopping. You make me happy.

The look I'm posting today I did last Saturday. I didn't mean for it to turn out so yellow, but it looked pretty cool. I wanna throw Buttercupcake on everything. Even my sandwiches.

Especially my sandwiches.

I used:

Lid/Crease: Meow Tetrodotoxin minus smack dab in the middle
Lid Centre: Meow Debauchery
Crease/Lower liner: Sugarpill Buttercupcake
Lower liner: MAC Black Line
Browbone: Burberry Trench
Liner: Physicians Formula gel liner

Frig I really hate my eyebrows. When I think I got every annoying hair, I look at the pictures and swear vehemently. I'm theeeeeeese close to just ripping them all out. But there are 5 days a week I can barely be assed to slap on foundation, mascara and blush, let alone damn eyebrows.



  1. Yellow snow is the lemon-flavored kind, right?

    I love how Buttercupcake looks with the other yellow-green shades, very intentionally dirty and pigmented. Looks lovely with your eye color.

  2. hahah suuuuure lemon flavoured :D
    Buttercupcake is the dirty look bomb! I almost want to grab it in single form so I don't end up using it all up in the palette and be stuck with just 3 shades in a palette lol

  3. I love how Buttercupcake looks! This is a really lovely sparkly look.

  4. Sweet look! Shopping makes everything better! Whatever are you going to do when you run out of Buttercupcake?