Saturday, November 5, 2011

Abducted by Fireflies

I tried to organize my crap today but that didn't go so well. 1 Makeup company got sorted and that's about it.


My collection has grown quite a bit from last summer and it's starting to just get ridiculous. I have 2 orders on their way to me and I think that's it until xmas time but then I'm going to try super hard not to buy anymore makeup other than the essentials. I found shit I don't remember buying! NICE!
BTW my sorting turned into "throw shit into drawer with like-items" I would love to try to blog-sale some of my stuff but Canadian shipping to anywhere is stupid expensive.

When I sorted my Meow stuff I found Abduction and it looked close to the yellowy green I've been hunting for! But it's not quite there yet...


What prompted me to try to do a glitter crease is THIS SWEET LOOK by EyeGraffiti. I don't know how she did it cuz mine kinda flopped but go there and subcribe! Her looks are awesome and should have maaaaaany more followers.


I used today:

Lid: Meow Abduction
Browbone: Burberry Trench 01
Crease: Kiss My Sass Fireflies
Inner corner: Meow Radiation
Lower lashline: MAC Blackline with Abduction on top
Liner: Physician's formula gel liner
Blush: My Pretty Zombie MDMA with MAC Lightscapade all over

HAH! Flash made my face uber pale in the first pic. I need to find a finishing powder that likes flash. That would be nifty.

Craptastic books currently reading right here. Holy lordy they are not very good. The cyborgs are basically rapists cuz she's all like "hellz now" and he's all like "BUT YOU WILL LIKE IT AND BE PROPERTY YOU PUNY WOMAN" and then she's all like "YOU WERE RIGHT I LOVE YOU NOW" the end. That so doesn't count as a spolier because that would mean I ruined a story, but it pretty much ruins itself...


  1. Pretty!

    Also, I'm madly jealous of your monster collection. I hope mine is that insane one day, LOL!

  2. Love those storage towers you have! Beautiful look! The crease color is awesome!

  3. Fireflies looks AWESOME in that look! I have 2 of those 10 drawer organizers and refuse to buy a 3rd, so I just pared down my makeup to give to a friend. Love your stash!

  4. first: one can never have too much make up, and those drawers looked like a pretty good way to storage make up so it won't get dusty(cuz god knows how dusty make up can be!!)
    Second: gosh what a nice try to do a glitter crease!! And that purplish red was such a colour!!! An idea is growing in my mind... what if I'd do a tutorial for a glitter crease, would you like it!?

  5. @dull_flame thanks! :D

    @The Peach thank you! She's got loads of pretty glitters

    @Phyrra Thank you :) That's a good idea! I tried giving my mom some stuff when she visited last summer but it's hard when I don't have many neutrals to chose from lol

    @EyeGraffiti yes!!! That would be so awesome!! More glittah!!! :D

  6. The crease color is absolutley divine!!!! Great look

  7. OOOH I love the yellow eyeshadows! Also, love that MPZ blush, I just bought all of them.

  8. @Vulcan_Butterfly yellows are definitely one of my favourites to wear. People are afraid of it, so of course I love it :D
    And yay blush! I only grabbed 3, I was in my overdraft at the time hahahaha

  9. The yellowy green is awesome of course, BUT OMG WTF THAT CREASE COLOUR. *flails*

    That book sounds hilarious hahaha