Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yellow Hysteria

This look didn't go as planned. I rushed through it because we had a reservation to get to but I got side-tracked by facebook and had to keep getting up to wash my hands every time.

Keyboards be filthy yo

So this messy mess is what I can up with.

I used:

Lid: Meow Hysteria
Inner corner kind of: Meow End Game
Crease + lower lashline: Sugarpill Buttercupcake
Browbone: Meow Prophesy
Physicians Formula brown eyes gel liner and MAC Black Line smudged on lower lashline

Nothing cool has happened lately. I started reading a new vampire series (Jaz Parks) but I'm 1/3 through the 2nd book and I'm so bored already. There are 6 more books and then it ends so I have to keep on reading. MUST FINISH! Or at least skip through like I did with the 4th Twilight book just to get it over with.
I thought there'd be more hooking up and stuff because the covers looked kinda badass and some people on Goodreads list it under "paranormal romance" but it's mostly just a crazy chick with a vamp bossman and a psychic and a gadget guy kicking bad guy ass. I hope this series gets better. 6 MORE BOOKS! GET BETTER AND JUNK!


This is the part where I link you but Blogger is AGAIN being a douche and screwing up my linking. Instead cut and copy the below stuff to check out the awesome.

I want: All of the above. The only one I could do without is Hook and Line but I want the other 11 so it only makes sense to get the 12th to complete the collection yes?

And I thought Jaz was crazy...


  1. Ok I love this look! I HAVE to try buttercupcake in the crease with a yellow-green.

    You look awesome :)

  2. You do yellow so well!! This is gorgeous!

  3. wow you always pull off these yellow looks so well, and i'm jealous of that brown/burgundy eyeliner of yours.... hold tight to it!
    but do you really need to finish six book, if you don't like them? i would never do it!/Azure

  4. WOW, wow wow!! I love these colours, this came out amazing!!! I had a good laugh over "keyboards be filthy, yo" LOLZ!