Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to Red

Around 3 years ago I was tired of buying box dyes to try to get bright red hair because it was just a huge waste of money.  The red never lasted very long, and it was never as bright as I wanted it to be.  Then I went to a salon!  If you can call the mall hair dressers a salon.

Well I will!

Anywhodles $200 later I had the hair I wanted.  Not cheap AT ALL but it did last longer than box dye.  I tried to find a pic from day one but it seems I mostly took pictures much later :/ I think this was before I even blogged when I didn't take pictures of everything.

It took 2 units of red bleach (I think each bleach unit was $80 each) and 2 bottles of Fudge Red Corvette ($20/tube).  I got to keep most of the 2nd bottle of colour for a future touch-up. I didn't have a spare $200 again so this time around I decided I was going to do this myself.  And I saved a buttload.  I've had the bleach and Special Effects dye for a long long time now and only this week I grew some lady balls to do this myself.  I have the week off so if I messed up, I could hide my shame for a few days still!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!  I don't know what I'm doing.  
You can try this if you want but I'm telling ya right now, I only learned by watching youtube and remembering what my hairdresser did, I didn't actually learn how to do any of this in school and such. 99% of the time I was just praying I wouldn't go bald.

  I bought the Blood Red Special Effects dye from Morgana Cryptoria for $9 I think (it was a very very long time ago, my memory sucks on a good day, don't ask me to think past today!)  Then last summer or fall I bought a 4oz bottle of Salon Care 30 Cream Developer for $2 and 2 packets of Clairol BW2 Powder Lightener for a little over $3 each. I also bought a brush and gloves but that was less that $20 total! Screw you $200.

Now had I gone to the salon she/he would have been able to do my whole head without missing spots.  I totally missed some spots...  But it's okay, mostly just some roots but as long as the wind doesn't blow, I'M COO!

After I bleached my hair and sat with conditioner in it (nothing fancy, just Got2B Hottie) I went to youtube just to see how others got their bright red hair and this video made me feel like a dummy.  She didn't even need to pre-bleach!  I must remember this for the future!  I still have a bottle of Blood Red and a bottle of Nuclear Red so I'll use those 2 up before hunting down this Majicontrast stuff of awesomeness.

So here's my hair in pictures

 The start!  My hair was washed the day before. It's all wonky because I had an elastic in it.

 BLEACH TIME!  I think when my whole head was covered I kept it in for 30 minutes.
 Just chillin with a head full of conditioner.  I believe I left it in a half hour.
 Oh hai blondie
 Throw a filter on that pic for a new facebook picture.
 I forgot to take a picture of the messy madness that was the red dye but this is it now!  I put a bottle onto clean dry hair and I sat with it in for 1.5 hrs

Outside light!

I was a bit disappointed because at first it reminded me of Raggedy Ann hair.  It's not nearly what I assumed Blood Red would look like.  I think if I had light brown hair and used the Blood Red I probably would have gotten what I wanted but oh well.  YOU LEARN!



  1. Oh, I love it!!!! You are brave! I wouldn't try that alone. But, I would love the look.

    1. :D And it only took me like 1 year to gain the courage hahaha. Thank you!

  2. You did a great job! I'm so afraid to try coloring my hair myself :(

  3. i think this red is gorgeous! :)

  4. It looks great on you! Good that you found the courage :)

    I had my hair bright red for a while too, with bright red eyebrows, haha :D I really love red hair, but it didn't look that good on me because it enhanced the redness in my skin.

  5. Excellent, excellent hair!

    I've never been brave enough to pre-bleach, but I've used magicontrast, and its easy as anything and gives brilliant results! I actually prefer affinage Bred simply because the tube is twice the sizw of magicontrast for only a few pence more, but both are great products!

    1. I'll have to remember that! It would probably last longer than this stuff too. This red is fading crazy bad right now

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