Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yay 500!!!

  I actually managed to hit 500 followers!  Blog-wise!  I didn't go out and beat up 500 people following me around all day.

  What do you mean those people were just lined up for the bus?  Eff that, they were totally following me for my trucker mouth and wicked charm.

  I've been slowing putting stuff together for a giveaway but, like most times, it could be awhile before I figure it all out.

 Procrastinator extreme!  I am the queen of "I'll do it later."  Like this look for instance.  I've been wanting to do a darker red and gold look for awhile now because I love how gold and red look together and I wanted to know what it would look with a lot of darkness in it.  I couldn't find my Bulletproof eyeshadow so I used Femme Fatale cosmetics.  The rest of the colours are all Sugarpill.

I used: UDPP
Lid: Goldilux
Crease and lower lashline: Femme Fatale Spirit Bond
Above crease and under lower lashline: Love +
Above crease for blending: Flamepoint
Browbone and inner corner: Tako
Urban decay liquid liner in Zero (I think)
Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara.

I was using this crappy Rimmel lash accelerator or something and, well, don't use it, it sucks.  It flakes in your eyeballs, doesn't make them grow anyways and just doesn't go on nice.

There you go.  A mini review in an EOTD post.  WIN!

Here's my eyeball some more.

Yerp a bunch of those are the same angles but my bathroom light and living room light kind of change the colour and since I don't photoshop I'm just posting both because I don't know which is more colour accurate :D  Doesn't really matter I guess.  If you have these shades, you already know how badass they are.  Meh.


Like I wanna eat a bologna sandwich right now.

Buh bye.  Some bologna needs eatin's


  1. Love it, especially the tear duct under liner thingy you've got going on...<3

  2. Oooh and congratz on you beating up 500 followers lol...

  3. 500!!! thats wonderful!! congratulations and your eyes look amazing!!!

  4. 500! Congratulations!
    I agree with you about that Rimmel mascara, I used to use that brand of mascara a lot, until I bought that piece of trash and felt conned...time to change brand when that happens.

  5. Congrats! Keep on being your talented and funny selve and I'm sure many more will follow :)

    I really like this look, especially the way you placed the red on top of the back in a different angle, if that makes sense?

  6. Congrats on 500 followers! And I like this look!

  7. YAY for 500 followers! And really cool look... I want Goldilux now!

  8. Verrry pretty, I love these shades together! And congratulations on hitting (collecting? gathering? not beating up...?) 500 followers!

  9. I love the creative liner and the dark shade separating the red & gold. Beautiful effect! Congrats on 500 followers, as well

  10. Super congrats, girly! Love the look, I might have to steal it ;)

  11. Love the look on you especially the red!! And congrats on the followers.

  12. Haha! Make that 501! I just happens to stumble on here and read this post and had to follow! Woohoo! Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations!!! I like the eyeliner on your lower lashline!

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