Saturday, May 12, 2012

Purple and Grey

The purple in this look is actually pink but it went all secret ninja on me and turned purple somehow which is okay because I used purple liner to be matchy matchy.

I used some of my brand spankin' new Darling Girl shadows.  She had an easter egg hunt and I found one of the bigger sale eggs so I went nuts and picked out the Hunger Games collection and some random others along with some mini jars.  I may swatch them but Mandy did such an awesome job here, my swatches would just look like poop.  I might just do the others I ordered instead.  We'll see. I'd have to get over this lazy thing again.  My brush is washed just waiting for me but me is all like "uuuuuuugh I just wanna play Draw Something and read my silly dragon books" so that's what I've been doing.

This look I did I did a week or 2 ago.

I used:

Lid: Well Dressed 
Crease: Obviously a Wig
More crease and wet on lower lashline: Survival Instinct 
Browbone Chimera
Physicians Formula gel liner for brown eyes

This yellow look was with Darling Girl as well but I didn't take many good pictures of it

The yellow is Chemical Warfare but I can't remember what the crease was.  I think Empire of Dirt.


  1. These are both very pretty! Empire of Dirt looks like a really gorgeous brown.

  2. haha secret ninja on you! LMAO

    love the color combo!

  3. Very pretty. Survival instinct looks like a really cool color! :)

    1. Survival instinct is INSANE! I should have shown a jar shot, it's so sparkly

  4. Both very nice looks! I love the muted colors you chose, especially that dirty yellow :)

    1. Yes!! Dirty yellows are always WIN!! :D Thank you :)

  5. I didn't see the shout out regarding the DG swatches until now... derp! So I will say a belated THANK YOU <3 you are too sweet :3

  6. I really really love that matte grey paired with a shimmery purple, it makes such a lovely contrast!