Friday, February 26, 2010

Can Haz Lotery Winnins Pls

The lottery here is worth 50 mil plus 9 draws of a mil each! I wanna win soooooo bad! Everyone does, lineups are insane. I know some of ya are like "big dealio yo we gets like 90 mil jackpots!" But here in Canadaland it doesn't get taxed up the butt and you get to keep it all baybeeee. I pitched in my 2 bucks for the work draw and got our own ticket as well. Think of all the makeups I can buy with that!

So, to think happy thoughts I decided to wear the colour of money! Since it's payday and I'm left with next to nothing, I need all the positive thinking I can get!

Aromaleigh was my go-to this morning.



Inner corner: Real Gone
Next to real gone: In Orbit
Next to In Orbit: Spaz
Outter 4th and crease: Radioactive
Lower liner inner: What's Shakin'?
Lower liner outer: Smokin'
Upperliner: Rimmel Underground eye darkening liner in Peridot
Highlight: Stardust Cosmetics in Cashmere Mittens.

Rimmel mascara as uuuuusual.

The pics kind of suck. They were kinda fuzzy. I tried to sharpen them in photoshop but I didn't like the way they changed the eyeshadow shades when I did it too much. So no full face! :(


  1. Bah I want to move to Canada even more. Ya'll have gay marriage, health care and nation wide wifi. ( Or is that a rumor?)
    The lavender color looks really good against the green and yellowy-green. :3

  2. Hi Pixie! Yes yes and not too sure! I know some places have it. Once my internets died I sat outside a car dealership to check my email lol.

    Thanks Phyrra! :D

  3. I am going to steal this look sometime soon ;D it's awesomeeeee.

    50 mill is a LOT for our lotteries here in Australia, I have no idea what the biggest one has been but everybody goes off their nut for 50 mill. I love hearing stories about people who lost their home and then somehow won the lotto :)

    I would die if I could even spend $1million on makeup.

  4. Steal the hell out of it! I loves me greens.

    I think 50 is the maximum for this lottery (called lotto max for that reason I think, and then that's when the smaller draws for a million each get popped out too) The cdn record was 54 mill in 05 before lotto max happened.
    The last person who one the huge draw by herself a couple months ago was just living in a trailer on a reserve I believe. They did go into hiding lol. I WOULD TOO!

    And I would probably buy one of everything off Fyrinnae's site as well. And a kitteh. Or 12. :D

  5. Such a pretty colour combination! I really need to gets me some Aromaleigh sometime soon! x