Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Urban Decay Smoke

I decided to do another Urban Decay look today after they've been in my head all week because of the new Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. I will not buy that because I already have most of the colours from other palettes or I've bought the singles already.

Honestly Urban Decay, would it have killed you to get more creative and not re-release old colours? LAME. YOU ARE SO LAME!

But I used some today anyways.

Lid main: Nylon from the BOS II
Crease and lower lash: Mushroom from the BOS II and the Alice BOS
Highlight: Sin from BOS II
Extra highlight: Maui Wowie from Urban Ammo
Even more highlight up there because I STILL wasn't happeh: Polyester Bride Urban Ammo aka White Rabbit from Alice (also used it for the inner corner)

Cheeks: Fyrinnae Seduce mixed with Charm.

Lips: Fyrinnae Fanservice.

Full face with the "glamorous" filter. Yeahhhh.... so glam and such.... heh

Me pissing around with a hat!


  1. Suits you great! And I love the hat pic, so silly and cute :D

  2. Very nice - love the colors together!

  3. Mushroom is such a pretty color!! And I agree...Urban Decay is LAME for not releasing new colors and just renaming them all stupid, arg!

  4. This is a great look for you. And you are such a sexay goofball!

  5. teeeheeee thank you :) The had would have messed the hair up if I hadn't hair sprayed the crap out of it :D

    And Urban Decay should be smacked. With a bottle. (that says "drink me" of course)