Thursday, February 18, 2010


  1. Aw I luffs you! You look gorgeous, as usual, you jerk.

    Hurray for pretty Fyrinnae blushes! The only one I have is Charm and I lurve it...but I can't find it right now. This is when doing your makeup on your couch is a bad thing. They couch also wants to be pretty and eats my makeup!

    I'm totally bummed I didn't get Tansy :( I wants GLITTERS!!!

  2. Ughhhhh if this weren't discontinued I would buy like 5000 jars of it and put it in my bath tub and then just roll around in it all day. SO DAMN PRETTY.

  3. Awesome look! Love that gold pigment...very pretty.

  4. That shadow is GORGEOUS! Holy cow! And your "stupid face" is teh sexay. :-)

  5. Hi Lisa Kate! My couch eats my stuff too! I'm still missing a mini mac crease brush that I got for christmas. That couch wont spit it back up though :(

    Hiya Sillhouette, I would totally do the same right after I snort it hahahahah

    Thank you Marce :)

    Thanks Blix! I did my stupid face just pour vous lol