Sunday, April 29, 2012

Duping Lime Crime's Chinchilla with OCC Lip Tars

One of the biggest reasons for snagging the Black and White (Tarred & Feathered) Lip Tars from OCC was to try to dupe Lime Crime's Chinchilla lipstick.  It's a super cool colour you don't really see anywhere else and when I got mine I was a little upset with how dark it actually looked.  Lime Crime's site describes it as a medium grey with lavender undertones. 

I think my dupe matches the picture you see on the Lime Crime website but not the colour in real life.  I'll show you a side by side.

I used 2 big drops of Feathered with a drop of Tarred to get the grey base and added a tiny bit of Katricia for the purple tinge.

Here's my result

^^^Lime Crime's site swatch ^^^

No flash  
No flash again

Here they are side by side in real life:

My mix on the left, Chinchilla on right

So side by side they look completely different but this was still fun to do.  I think my version matches the site picture better however my skintone doesn't go with such a light colour so I'm kind of glad Chinchilla is darker in real life.  It suits me better.

I think I can make my dupe match if I added a bit more grey but I'm going to leave it for now.


  1. It's so annoying when unusual colours are really inaccurately photographed, if it's just a red or whatever I'm not too fussed but I want the crazy colour to be EXACTLY like what I see.

    1. Yes! Especially when it costs a bunch also.

    2. Ooh your version is so much nicer than the actual lipstick! :)
      (sorry for replying to this comment, for some reason I can't start my own thread)

  2. I like the site's picture better than the actual color in real life, so I think your mix of the OCC Lip Tar's is the "winner" between the two, if I had to choose!

  3. What about Sebastian vs Chinchilla?