Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just saw the greatest made commercial for pets EVER.

This Winnipeg Humaine Society "Kitty Midnight Madness!" video!

It's like one of those cheesy used car commercial, but with the cuteness of KITTEHS!

Watch it, love it, share it :)

(I have no idea how to actually stream it from the blog, but click the link anyway! You'll thank yourself!)


  1. hahahaah, it's such a funny commercial! "cute cats, ugly cats! Black cats, white cats, cat that looks like a PIG!"

  2. I watched that after donating blood this morning. If that thing was played during the Super Bowl (in the US) it would win every award ever.
    My fave was when he did the scissors
    hand motion with the used-to-be-boy-cats.

  3. What a hilarious commercial ! But i love it .... so cute ... :D Just awesome . Can't stop laughing about it , lol