Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Suds N Sass Swatches

So behind! I realized I never did swatch my Suds N Sass Halloween kit when I got it last fall. It sold out pretty fast but something went wrong and Elizabeth had an extra kit for sale announced on Twitter and I jumped on that!

It came in a cute little pumpkin with a halloween thank you card and a pink ticket. You can learn more about pink tickets HERE I think they are an awesome idea, and yup I'm completely biased because my ticket won a $25 gift card :D

So today I swatched that order and my most recent one because lucky for you guys, the eyeshadows and glitters in the Halloween kit AND Autumn kit are still available!

I don't have the Aumtumn kit but I think the shades in that were: Summers End Hayride and Fall Harvest with the pixie dust being Sparkling Cider which I grabbed and swatched today.
Luna swatched both kits here along with the glosses. Only Poisoned Apple looks like it's still available.

The halloween kit was: Cemetery Gates Dead of Night and Sleepy Hollow with the pixie dust being Lucky 13. Out of the 2 glosses in the kit, Hocus Pocus is still available and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Snowflake, Disco Fever, Fireflies
Sparkling Cider, Lucky 13 (all glitters on Pixie Epoxy)
Sleepy Hollow, Dead of Night, Cemetery Gates (on TSFI)

Hocus Pocus

The 1st row of glitter and the golden one were from my second order I placed to use my $25 gift code.

Along with those I bought 6 roll-on perfumes $5ea:

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream
Forest Of No Return (She game me mini soaps with 1st order that smelled like this!)
Cuddly Blue Poodle
Sugar Plum Fairy
America Rocks
Rock Candy

First of all I am SO HAPPY she has these awesome Lush dupe fragrances (American Dream is American Cream and Rock Candy is Rock Star) because it's such a pain in the ass to only be able to get Rock Star in soap form from Lush and American Cream solid perfume isn't sold anymore.

Last but not least, the interference lip Glaze in Los Angeles!

You know I'm a sucker for that green sheen in ANYTHING so this is one of my favourite lip products ever. It lets the pink of your natural lips show but covers them in a lovely greeny yellow shimmer that is AWESOME!

After this one I do want to try the others especially:
Blue Velvet
Filthy Rich
Strut Your Stuff
Trophy Wife
Basically all the ones that look white but ARE UBER AWESOME!
(last 2 images from Suds N Sass)


  1. Oh my God, Hocus Pocus is STUNNING! I neeeed it! I love the lip glazes too. Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. They're all SO PRETTY!!! ALL CAPS!!!

  3. ohlala , Snowflake looks awesome .... i think i need to place another order at Suds'n Sass , lol :D

  4. OMG green lipgloss and purple lipgloss and glitter?! *DIES*