Monday, February 14, 2011

Sugarpill Lovin'

Back in whatever month Black Friday is in (meh, google too far) November probably, Sugarpill had a wicked ass sale, 30% off.

The sale was a complete surprise! That evening I set my alarm to wake me up at 1am because I wanted in on Morgana Cryptoria's lipstick sale but then I saw Amy (Sugarpill QUEEEEN) tweet her sale and I was ON THAT YO!

The website is GORGEOUS! Hop on over to check it out. The top right hand side holds your cart total which is handy because I tend to impulse shop and before I know it, my credit card just lost another $100 :s

I ended up grabbing:

Sweet Heart palette
Burning Heart Palette
Birthday Girl

As soon as I placed the order I remembered I was heading to my mom's for Christmas holidays and I didn't want to miss the post man so I emailed Amy to ask if she could please ship it to my mom's house, and she was sweet enough to do so :) The package ended up arriving 2 days before I had to come back to Winnipeg so I'm glad I asked, it would have bothered me to have to wait any longer! I WANT ME LUCKY CHARMS! I mean, shiny stuff. Charms are cool too.
Off topic, back on track!!!

The order arrived in a frikkin ADORABLE white box with a pretty blue kitteh on the front.

Inside was loads of awesome pink tissue paper and my lurvely order packed nice and neat. I also got 1 business card, 1 double sided photocard, 1 sample of Magentric and 2 glitter stickers! She gave me the Turquiose one also, even though I forgot to use the facebook special code to get it so that made me even more pleased!
There was a packing slip but I can't find that bugger. She wrote a thank you on it and I remember there being a cute sticker!

One thing I was worried about, is knowing the jars come without sifters.
Right now all my loose pigments, which take up probably 90% of my collection, all have tape to keep the lids from unwinding, even the siftered jars (minus the ones where I haven't pulled the sticker off the sifter yet)
I've seen some Sugarpills reviews and the jars mostly always seemed to have some spillage. Well something must have been done with those jars, or maybe I got really lucky because not a single jar came unscrewed even a little bit. There was no spillage anywhere. If you blow up the pic below you can see for yourself. The only reason Goldilux has a bit around the threading is because I gave my mom some.
I actually trust the jars so much I have them in my cart upside-down, name side up.

I bonked Paperdoll :(

That's what 25 grams plus another 5 grams of awesome looks like. I didn't use or spill any Lumi. It's still 5 grams of pigment.
The website says:

A crazy amount of detail has been put into every single part of the product and packaging. The boxes the Chromalusts come in are matte finish except where the graphic and "Sugarpill" is, that part is glossed over.

I couldn't get it to show up on a clear pic :(

Ingredients are listed on the back/bottom.

The lids of the jars have the logo painted on them, it's not a sticker.

Even the business card is seriously one of the cutest/BEST business cards I have seen. It also has a shiny finish. I'm going to have to find out a way to get a bunch of these to pass out. Friday I did a look (will post later) and 3 people complimented it! I never get that many random compliments! 1 guy asked if it was airbush. Silly boy. So if I go on a Sephora trip, I wanna be armed with Sugarpill cards to help spread the Gospel of the Sugar that is a Pill.

(I have 2 business cards and 2 photocards now, this is what the front and back look like)

What else.....


I've seen people gush over the size of the shadows but it was only when I actually had these in my hands, did I actually "get" it. HUGE!



Burning Heart Palette and Sweet Heart Palette

Sure I've seen people do the whole MAC comparison but I didn't really get it until I did it myself. So here's my attempt to make you get it :)

To sum it up without all the math, which I completely fail at, Sugarpill is the better deal. Especially since MAC changed pigment jar sizes and while Sugarpill is 5 grams of product $12US, MAC's new jar is 4.5 grams and costs $23.50CDN (can't find the US price but it's not cheap)

Singles, Sugarpill are 4 grams of product for $12US each (less if you go palette style) whereas MAC is 1.5 grams for $17.50CDN (our dollar is a tad lower than the US dollar, but knock off a couple of bucks for better comparison)

Sugarpill is the much better deal.

I know I've seen some say that $12 is too much but I know when I spend $12 on a jar of Chromalust, I'm getting a quality product that's unique in colour with crazy beautiful packaging and detail. I'm kind of surprised they aren't a bit more, Amy goes all out!
Even the Magentric sample is crazy labelled. The black name sticker that's on the bottom of the boxes is inside the little card so you know what colour it is. And PINK STAPLE! Not as in it's a staple for your collection (although it could be!) but the sample baggy is held in with a pink staple. So cute! I haven't popped my sample out yet, I'm just injoying it's cuteness for now.
And if people can drop $14 on not-so-creative junk (oh HAI Chameleon!) they should definitely be buying these instead!

Some were also hoping to see samples before committing to a full size jar.
I think A good idea would be to team up with a friend to split jars, or try to find someone sampling off their jars. I'm a makeup hoarder so don't look at me right now :D I only shared some Goldilux with my mom because she birthed me :D
I don't think Sugarpill should absolutely have to provide samples. (Don't beat me in the face for this!) I just think we get a bit spoiled having most indie companies provide sampling options. You won't see samples of MAC pigments unless you go into a store and have someone help you, but if you don't live near one you are SOL on that anyways unless you find someone sampling their jars. What's to stop a person from only ordering samples over and over and over, never grabbing that full jar. With the amount of time, work and detail, I don't see much profit happening if she were to provide these unless she were to charge more than the usual $1 we see elsewhere and we wouldn't see as much awesome. I could be wrong though, it's just my guess/opinion.
$12 IS WORTH IT!! If you have to live off Kraft Dinner and turn all the lights out for 2 months to get some, DOOOITTTT.

I made up a genius way of swatching! Someone probably already discovered this, but it just popped in my head before this review so for this morning while looking for a clean brush so I'm totally taking credit for it :D
Those shitty little useless sponge tip aplicators you get in compacts? WORK MAGIC! Q-tips suck for me but right now it's all about the sponge. My brushes were dirty and I didn't want to dip my fingers in the jar or reuse a brush 6 times. I don't know the shelf life of these pigments, so I want to keep them as sanitary as possible.

Birthday Girl looks a bit different than it looks in the jar. It wipes on darker.

Window light

Birthday girl has a matte finish loaded with pink sparkles
Paperdoll has a matte finish loaded with pinky purple sparkles
Darling is actually more green than the swatch shows. That's the hard part with turquise shades not behaving for the camera :(
Decora is pink with green sparkles (was hard to get them to show up!)
Goldilux really is the greatest gold in the world. I have many mannnnny golds but this one is now number one. Not only is it super metallic, it has GOLD SPARKLES!!
Lumi looks white but goes on a shimmery blue. I was hesitant about getting this one because I have a bunch on interference shades already but those are straight mica and those were more glowy looking where Lumi is more shimmery IN YO FACE-y :)
Lumi looks sweet over black, just look at it over my tatoo! shinyshinyshiny

I wont swatch the pressed singles because oodles of people have done so already including the swatching queen Temptalia here and here

You may notice the back of her palette looks different than mine. Amy listens to reviews and constructive critisism and she improved the palettes by labelling them with the colour names on the back :)

All in all, I LOVE everything I got. I'm begging my mister to allow me to place another order today because it's Sugarpills Birthday!!
20% off: birthday
I NEED Bulletproof to finish my pressed collection and I wanted to grab some more Chromalusts. Absinthe, I shall OWN YOUUUUU and your little friend Tipsy too.

Now go!


  1. I love Sugarpill- I haven't been disappointed with a single thing I've got (I have all but one pressed shade & am only missing maybe 3 loose!)

    I hadn't seen the new packing box (adorable!) and I love the improvements Amy's made to the labeling on the palettes- even the little sample is adorable!

    For anyone debating Sugarpill, DO IT! I've seen a few people concerned that these are more expensive than other indie lines, but I promise, sooo worth it! As Ms. Kitty points out, Sugarpill is actually a great value if you compare sizes (I actually have the numbers on my site, cause I'm a geek like that!) and the quality can not be beat- I'm a professional makeup artist & these are my #1 pick now- especially the pressed shades!

    Thanks for the pics & post :)

  2. All this time I've ogled Sugarpill swatches with this wistful "one day" thought... and then for my birthday, my boyfie sat down and bought me two palettes and a single pressed shadow PLUS one loose!

    I'm so lucky and your post has just gotten me even more excited to finally be able to share in the Sugarpill appreciation :D

  3. @Jessica the sample package is SO CUTE!! I don't wanna use it yet lol
    I hope she creates a creamy nude with shazam so we can have a browbone shade to blend it all out nicely. Tako is too pale for me to use, being all stark white and all :D

    @Jade BEST.MAN.EVAR!

  4. I wish I wasn't broke, I'd be picking up some Sugarpill FOR SURE. I love all the colors I've got (Tipsy, Royal Sugar, Birthday Girl, Tiara, Stella) and can't wait for more!

  5. I adore Sugarpill, as you know :)
    I LOVE my Cold Heart Palette!
    I've got them swatched on bare skin, on primer and on pixie epoxy if you're ever curious.

  6. I want a palette so badly, but I'm broke and saving money..Ugh

    I want the sweetheart palette but don't really want the green, I would much rather have the purple. I would so be sold with that little change!

  7. Such a great review!
    I, too WANTWANTWANT Sugarpill in my life, but can't afford it just yet. Someday soon though!
    Or next time Amy decides to have a sale, I'll just have to get on it!!!

  8. That is a pretty awesome package! :D I really love their bright green glitter. X3 I needs to get me some!

  9. I just got myself Goldilux and Tiara last month. Prettiest gold and silver eyeshadows I have ever seen!

    I must agree with you about the packaging, it's so adorable and well made!

    Sugapill will go a long way!

  10. Ohhh mahh gaaaa
    I have makeup envy right now. Seriously, if I were to be able to pick someone else's makeup stash to steal from, it'd be yours :D

    I cant wait to get some Sugarpill stuff... I only wanted the pressed shadows, but your swatches make me think i need some of the other ones. =/

  11. Fantastic review! Sugarpill is one of my all time favourite makeup brands. And I absolutely agree with you about the price, it seems a lot compared to most indie brands, but really you get so much more! I love the packaging and that Amy has taken everyone's ideas on board. Also Amy has really gone above and beyond in customer service with me. My girlfriend bought Paperdoll and Birthday Girl a while back and since then they were reformulated, Amy has offerered to send us the new versions off her own back.

    Fantastic swatches by the way, your camera has done a great job picking up all the sparkles. I agree totally about Goldilux being the best gold shadow ever :)

    Also you made me snigger so so much at 'I bonked paperdoll' In the Uk Bonking is slang for having sex :P I am immature!

  12. I love the palettes! You should compare Sugarpill afterparty to MAC electric eel, they are sooooo similar. :)

  13. Ooh Sugarpill looks so awesome :) Your swatches are great!

  14. I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of the sale, but I would much rather have Aromaleigh grab bags. Sugarpill will still be around next year, but Aromaleigh won't. :( I already have a wish list, though! Those quads look amazing.

  15. Oh, these are all so gorgeous! I have the Sweetheart palette, but have only used it once. (Shame on me, I know.) Thanks for the swatches and review!

  16. Hey uhhh... I tagged you with a silly blog award at :


  17. Thank you for the swatches! :)

    & I had NO idea you were from Winnipeg! That's so neat. I don't think i've ever come across another beauty blogger from here :) What area of the city are you from, if you don't mind me asking?

  18. Thanks everyboddeh!
    lol @ Lillian, that's close to what we say here for that, "boinked" lmao!!
    Thanks Ms Nerdy Girl :D
    @Amber I be in the southeast part methinks. I'm from Calgary and used to a grid, so I think I fall in the southeast part judging by sunsets and such lol

  19. OMG I knew it was you!!! :D HELLO!! *overexcited*

    I love your swatches and the idea of using them sponge applicators to swatch ^_^ I also now regret not buying Birthday Girl, it's such a love shade of pink!

  20. HIHIHIHI!! :D Thank you! And Bday Girl is lurvely! I just wish it went on as light as it looks like it would!

  21. "I only gave some to my mom because she birthed me" HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD great review :) Funny enough, I actually found those little sponge applicators quite effective once I got past my bias. So now I love and hoard them.

  22. YAY SUGARPILL! Isn't Goldilux just the greatest thing in existence? Except maybe Hi-Fi On Tour since they're the same thing muahahaha >:D I really want Darling!