Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Matteness! Matteness I Say!!!

All my brushes were washed last night and those bitches took me half an hour! I like to see that my shampooing them is actually cleaning them good when the water goes pink down the sink! And the next day they feel so friggin soft and fluffy. Like wiping a bunny on my face.


With my just-scrubbed brushes I broke out some more brights! The original plan was to play with my Sugarpill pressed shadows which I STILL haven't used since I bought them on Black Friday (I KNOW! WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!?!) but instead I grabbed Aromaleigh's Hi-Fi Mattes.

I wasn't a huge matte fan until I grabbed these dudes. This collection was also one of the first collections I hit "buy all" to. (Holiday Blast was the other I believe) I bought them when Kristen had a different 50% off dealio around Christmas 2009.

It was thanks to this collection I started giving neutral mattes a second chance as well.
BFTE has a whole schwackload of mattes I'd love to hit up one day. Anyone know if their sample jars hold less than Fyrinnae's minis?


I used:

Inner corner: Winter White by the now-defunct Stardust cosmetics
Rest of lid: Cat's Pajamas
Crease: Supermurgatroid (AWESOME! I have no idea why I only just unstickered the sifter today, I should have hit this up AGES ago!)
Browbone: Fyrinnae Finnegan's Wake (Frick I'm gonna need a full jar of this if I keep on using it so often!)
Liner: Physicians Formula Brown Eyes Glam Shimmer somethingorother blackness with sparkles and such.

I skipped any lower liners because red below probably would have made me look like a was sniffing cat fur all day. Black liner (MAC Black Line) smudged might have worked okay, but I really liked how this worked without liners! Clean and simple looking. I only wish I had time to darken my brows for better contrast and to tidy them up. With all my latest makeup fails I'm actually very proud of this one! This is my proud face.


  1. I love that coral colour, so summery!!! And haha how cute is that cat lmao >.>

  2. Love that coral colour on the eyes! Not everyone can pull that off! Also, very nice job with the mattes! It looks fantastic. I am terrible with mattes, I am jealous!

  3. This is such an amazing soft look. <3

  4. What an freaking awesome look ! I love these kind of colors on you . Maybe i have to give mattes a chance too :D <3 Yah love it ! And i like the Kitteh Picture !

  5. LOVE the coral on you!!! I so wish I could wear oranges/corals on my eyes as well I can with clothing as it's always the first color I go to whenever I'm looking at shadows.

    BTW, please send me your address again - can't find the email with it in.

  6. SO PRETTY OMG. The corals are srsly divine on you :O and I'm jealous of how you can get away with no colour/liner on the lower lashline! I'm sure if I did it it would just emphasise my mega under eye lines :S

  7. So pretty! I love matte shadows. Those orangey corals look gorgeous with your eyes :)

  8. this looks gorgeous on you i love the color :)

  9. I agree, these shades look lovely on you! I do love a good matte look, and you've done a fantastic job here!

  10. Awesome look! This is so gorgeous and springlike.

  11. I love that color! Ok and your title was hilarious!

  12. Aw, pretty!! :)

    Oh and BFTE sample jars are the same size as F's minis but contain about as much as their "free samples". I just went and checked for you <3

  13. That is so pretty! Very fresh and simple. I think that you're looks great without the lower liner :)

  14. Ooh I love this! It's so pretty! I need to play with my AL mattes now O_O

  15. haha, wiping bunny on your face! and your shadow is beautiful here dear!

    i thought you might be interested in entering my ELF 83-piece makeup palette and nail polish set giveaway!

  16. I just found your blog and i love it!

    you have beautiful eyes!! :)