Friday, May 20, 2011

Dirty Green

O Hai there!

I haven't updated since the 2nd cuz I had to be all lame and shit and take holidays. I wore makeup during them but didn't take pictures. They were mostly safe looks, combo's I've remembered I liked so ya didn't miss anything! Score!

This look turned out kinda cool but I wanna re-do it with silver/grey as the main lid, or a muddy yellow. I'll probably try both just to see which one looks the bestestest. My money's on the yellow. Yellow rocks.

I used:
Lid: Aromaleigh's Estranged
Crease: Aromaleigh's Willow
Upper crease blended into Willow: Sugarpill's Buttercupcake
Browbone: Aromaleigh's Wonder-ous
Liner: Physician's Formula thisnameistoofuckinglong gel liner.
Rimmel Sexy Curves Blackest Black Mascara

Annnnnnnd, I cut my hair! I don't have a great shot of it (my makeup is now yucker's looking and closeups would be cruel) so you get a Hipstamatic shot of it instead.

About 80% of my vacation pics were done with that app. It's just so freakin fun!

Here's a bonus pic

Oh Hipstamatic, I <3s thee


  1. I loooooove the Physicians Formula dhhfwekfgwrfgewkjfyewjrgewjhfew gel liners! (ridiculously long name) The brush that comes with is also great, I've used it for lipstick too, but I think it's perfect for the liner unlike most brushes that come with drugstore makeup!

  2. I love estranged! It looks great on you.

  3. I think this EOTD looks great on you! And fantastic photo! Loving the haircut :D

  4. Ugh how do you manage to make ~muddy yellows and greens and such look so pretty. Not fair!

  5. I agree with SilhouetteScreams! Good lord, you really do have some amazing blending skillz!

  6. I agree your blending skills are wonderful! If I were to try this it would like like I stuck my head in a mud puddle and rolled around. I'm jealous of brown eyed girls who can wear every color of the rainbow and look so freaking amazing!

  7. @eRiN that lil brush is awesome! I usually toss brushes that come with stuff but that one's a keeper!

    @Phyrra Thank you! I love it but don't wear it much b/c I forgot to buy a backup lol

    @Lady In A Top Hat Thank you!!! I just have to work up the patience to dye this all now. Bring on the bleach :)

    @SilhouetteScreams lol Thanks lady! I want all my looks to look kinda muddy now. hahahah

    @Vulcan_Butterfly Thank you! I owe it to watching hrs and hrs of youtube videos. A lot of those ladies are too awesome for words :)

    @Angela Thank you! :) I actually wish mine were blue. My freain little brother won the blue eye lottery though. Lucky bugger lol