Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meow Crop Circle & Abductee 2011

Itty bitty swatch post.

BUT FIRST! If you haven't done so yet, check out the Hunger Games trailer!!!!

HOLY.CRAP. I can't wait until March dammit!

Back to makeup...

This year Meow added "Crop Circle" and a new "Abductee" shade to their Alien Abduction Halloween line.

I'm a total dork and when I saw the email saying sale I grabbed everything I wanted in jar form (yay for already swatching!) and skipped the part in the email mentioning the 2 new/kind of hidden shades. Luckily I was able to add them to my order and I'm so glad I did!

Crop Circle reminds me very much of Urban Decay's Baked shade which is my favourite UD shade EVARRR. I swatched them side by side and Crop Circle is a bit darker and just as pretty. <3 it!

Abductee 2011 is a really pretty taupe shade and it photographs like effing MAGIC! To my eyeballs in this dark livingroom light I didn't see the shimmer this intense, but the flash on my camera popped it out. I didn't even have to blur the picture to make it visible, but I included a blurry pic anyways. Just cuz :)
I think this shade photographs better than any other shade I own. How can you see this and NOT WANT IT? You don't want it? CRAZY PERSON.
Oh that's just me :)

Abductee 2011 is very different than last year's Abductee. Abductee 2010 was a dark purple shimmer with silver sparks.


Crop Circle, Abductee 2011

UD Baked, Crop Circle

Abductee 2011, Abductee 2010

Abductee 2011. So can I snort it?

The jar!

Since Halloween is over, you'll be SOL getting these dudes for awhile. Last years' Abductee didn't make a comeback, so this years may not show up next year. So I guess this post sort of turned into a Pink Sith "Taupes you can't have" kind of post :D


  1. i'm so excited for the hunger games movie! that trailer is amazing. i wasn't initially happy with the casting of Katniss, but maybe she can change my mind. :)

    those colors are so pretty! i made a meow order, i wish i'd tacked these on!

  2. Do you own Darling Girl Jeweled Taupe? Abductee 2011 has the same "taupe with multicolored glitter" thing going on and I'm curious as to how similar the two shadows are.

  3. I really wish I could've splurged on Abductee, it looks so pretty...

  4. Oh bloody hell, WANT. Abductee reminds me of MAC Vex except actually amazing! :D

  5. I did pick up a sample of Crop Circle. Haven't even swatched it yet! Looks awesome!

  6. @femputer I was soooo happy with the Katniss casting just because I saw Winter's Bone in theatres and when my dude said Jennifer Lawrence was gonna be Katniss I was like HECK YES!

    @Candiedmango I does not! I only have Halloween shades from DG so far. I must rectify this!

    @dull_flame It is! If I can ever wake up early I'll try to use this in a look soon. Stupid bus ride mornings.

    @Silhouette lmao!

    @The Peach It's awesome! You'll lurve it :D