Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meow Cosmetics Simple Pleasures Swatches

I did these super quick to they don't look as superfantastic as my End of Days swatches so for that I say I SORRY PEOPLE FORGIVE ME AND STUFF!

Meow's Simple/Guilty Pleasures have been around for a couple years now but they are limited edition and only come back every now and then.  They had asked people in their forum what their guilty and simple pleasures were and from the replies they named colours after them.  My best answer was "Sleeping In". 

Who doesn't like to sleep?!?!? 


So Sleeping In is a colour you can buy and be reminded how awesome sleeping is.

For the swatches I'm sorry Chinese Takeout looks wonky.  My brush wasn't washed first like I usually do before I sit down and do these so by the end it was like HEEEEELLLL NO, I'M NOT MAKING THIS EASY FOR YOU!

I swatched it separately so you can see it really is pretty and doesn't usually apply like crap unless you are me and are trying to show it off.

The first group is the lighter shades.

Top row: Bubble Bath, Passion, Barefoot, Sweatpants, Chickflick
Bottom row: Comfort Food, Purpose, Making Love, Silence, Sale!

And the darker shades.

Top row: Karaoke, Sleeping In, Cuddles, Cookie Dough, Chinese Takeout 
Bottom row: Funky Dance, Birdsong, Rainy Day, Thunderstorm, Morning Latte

And Chinese Takeout on its own

See??  BEAUTIFUL!  I don't know why it got messed up in the group shot :( 
And Cookie Dough is really nice shade of brown.

Never thought I'd say that about a brown...

I think it would look really pretty for the crease shade in a pin-up look. 

Right now I don't have any of the Guilty Pleasures swatched but they are definitely my favourite group of the 2.

I might get to them today or pop Weeds in the Blu-ray.  That show is my guilty pleasure.


  1. These are gorgeous, but Chinese Takeout is reeeeaaaaally pretty! So pretty it got extra vowels. Thanks for the swatches, I've been curious about these!

  2. I have never bought any makeup but them, but the lighter shimmers must find a way into my collection! Ugghh I love them!