Sunday, April 29, 2012

OCC Lip Tar combo mix experiment AGAIN!: tl;dr


  I've been wanting a nice teal lip colour for a long time now since seeing the Glamour Doll Eyes lip image here.  I know Illamasqua just came out with a teal lipstick Apocalips but it looks too muddy green to me and I don't need an entire lipstick, just a bit of Lip Tar.  This isn't a shade I'll even wear out unless I had a darn good reason so I just wanted a bit.  I think I made enough to last me through 20 applications because for these pics I just took the toothpick I was using after I scraped it off the pot, wiped it on my lips then grabbed a tiny bit more off the side of the pot with the brush and tadaaaaaaa, NO FEATHERING THIS TIME! much.

So for teal I used Rx and kept adding tiny bits of Traffic until it no longer looked completely blue and then added some Feathering to lighten it. Added a tiny bit more of the yellow and then more white.  I'll show you my hand at then end so you can see just how many times I kept adding! It looked purdy.

 My itty bitty pot.
My wonderfully messy hand teal slashes :D

I think it could use a teeny bit more Traffic but I don't want to turn it green and have to add more blue to even it out and have a redonkulous amount of teal lip tar :/