Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Neutral EOTD with Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

So here's another neutral look that is uber similar to my other post here. It's a bit different because I used some red above the crease and a totally different palette, but you can't really tell! The palette is the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette. I got it from Apothica with part of the gift card they sent me. I ended up spending what I would have had I gotten it from Sephora after all the taxes I had to pay. So Canuck people, you're better off making a Sephora trip if you don't want surprise taxes. Hopefully Apothica doesn't get mad at me for saying this, I'd rather have happy readers kthx.

I used:
UDPP Lid: TF Bouquet Toss
Inner corner & browbone: TF Soulmates
Crease: TF I Do Above crease: Urban Decay Gash
Outer corner/crease/lower liner outer half: TF Un-Veil
Inner liner: Tarte TB palette The True Death
Usual Physician's formula gel liner

I don't even mind showing off my eyebrows this post! I threaded the crap out of them today :D

Here's my whole face with lip stuff OCC Lip Tar NSFW.  I might delete this pic later.  I hate my face.  My face hates me.  Need bangs.  And cool hair.  

And a glass of ICED T BEER

It's as amazing as you think it is.


  1. Ooh, love the eye look! I am so bummed I never got Gash and now it's all gone :( Looks great on you!

  2. This is jusy lovely! I love it with the red lips.

  3. What are you talking about?! You look absolutely amazing, you've got gorgeous skin and your eyebrows are simply divine!
    I think you look fly ;)

  4. Very pretty! This look really sums up timeless glamour for me :)

  5. Your brows are perfect, and I'm loving the NSFW Lip Tar. Very nice! :)

  6. this is beautiful! you look gorgeous!!!

  7. That is some awesome blending you have going on in the eyeshadow department. You know how to thread your own eyebrows? SWEET.

    1. :) Thanks lady! The threading I learned on youtube but I'm far from pro yet. Those girls are like BAM BAM all done and I'm like "OUCH DAMMIT I MISSED GOTTA GO BACK AGAIN" and by the time I'm done my face it red and blotchy lol