Sunday, April 29, 2012

OCC Lip Tar combo mix experiment the THIRD!: Insert Cute Pink Name Here

When going through all the Lip Tars on OCC's site last December I had to narrow my list down a bit but kind of failed at the whole narrow part but I left Grandma off the order.  I read on another blog that you can basically make any already made Lip Tar if you have the basic primary shades, the B&W and clear and she listed the combo to make Grandma and I thought SWEET, I can do that!

Then I lost that blog page and can't remember the right mix.  Whoops.

I was going for a coral mix for this combo like Grandma is supposed to be but it ended up a soft pinkish shade.  It looks pretty horrid on my skin tone but it would look very pretty on the pale ladies!

This is what you get when you mix equal parts Femme with Cha Cha.

Last one is with no flash.

I think if I had used a darker pink with Cha Cha or used Banjee it might have been closer. I'll just have to try again!  I have 57 more empty pots to play with :D

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