Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aromaleigh L'Orchidee

I got my Aromaleigh L'Orchidees in the mail! I grabbed full sizes of the ones that sounded like I would like the most since I didn't have time to try before I buy (sample baggies. Orders to Canada seem to take ages from anybody, good ol Canada Post)

I love them all! Almost. Not a fan of Orinoco. I grabbed:

*descriptions are Aromaleigh's descriptions
My thoughts in BOLD

Seed Pearl: A most delicate neutral satin taupe with soft pastel sparkles. (reminds me of MAC Your Ladyship)

Wild Coco: A muted khaki brown with coppery golden sparkles. Tame, but wild at heart! (If MAC Your Ladyship has an evil golden twin this would be it. Would make great lid colour or crease or hilight depending on your braveness)

Unicorn: Palest yellow luster that phases to a cool blue highlight. (This one is very unique, looks buttery yellow and then BAM pale blue prettiness. Magical hilighter, would make a perfect Fairy look with Showy as the main colour, Unicorn the hilight)

Moth: Pale and delicate iridescent tones appear softly grey, always changing. (sort of looked a bit like a silvery slight purpley super shimmer on my hand. Really neat colour to check out)

Bumblebee: Soft yellow lustre with pale pink iridescent sparkle highlight. (A lighter version of their HITC Italian Ice *I will probably compare all yellows to Italian Ice, it's the only other bright yellow had other than Sunshine but sadly both discontinued now! I hope she keeps Italian Ice for the new LE to permanent line, then my comments will be relevant :D. Back to the review! Lighter version that Italian Ice and instead of having the pink sparkles, it has a pink shimmer to it.)

Pixie Cup: Soft fawn with a generous helping of pixie pink iridescent shimmer. Divine! (A pinker version of Seed Pearl, sparkly goodness!)

Showy: Lovely cool pink frost with blue iridescent sparkles (If there was such a thing as magical fairy dust it would look exactly like this eyeshadow. A very girly pink with loads of pretty blue pink purple golden sparks. Like I said with Unicorn, AWESOME FAIRY LOOKS! )

Cricket: Vivid yellow green with bright sparks of iridescent green. (Super duper bright green!)

Orinoco: Soft peach lustre that reveals a satiny borealis iridescence. (meh) (k I will ellaborate, a frosty peachy pink that's too dark for a hilight on me and too light for a lid colour)

Dragon: Fascinating green, muted in tone but with a smoked base and pearl luster. (It says green but on me it's shimmery grey silver, a very awesome grey! I love it. I tried to recreate the the Twilight Vamp dark silver look in the November US Cosmopolitan mag but I blended too much. This one is also good on it's own because when the light hits straight on the corners automatically darken, like most metallics)

Heart: Rich deep pink with iridescent golden shimmer sparkle. (ditto, still not totally sure how to wear this one, I used it as an outer corner colour with Bumblebee. I like the pink/yellow combinations)

I also have Tangle root that I won when Miss K did the butterfly hunts in the summer.

Tangleroot: Earthy lush green with cool dimensional shimmer sparkles. (dark forest green, would make wicked holiday smokey eyes)

All in all I wish I had gotten samples of the ones I didn't buy jars of. 11/12 yays I'm pretty sure I would have loved some of the others. That pesky Orinoco will work somehow. Just not sure how right now. RHYME TIME!


  1. I only have a couple L'Orchidee shadows...Tangleroot and Showy. I love Tangleroot so much! It's amazing for smokey eyes, like you said! I really, really want Unicorn now, damn you. I'm totally broke XD I love any fairy-type shadows just a bit too much!

  2. lol. Yeah Aromaleigh is making me pretty broke now with all the different collections getting re-released. I hope it becomes part of the permanent line. I didn't buy an En Pointe because she brought out the Holiday Blast and I wanted those much more, hoping that my fav En Pointes would become permanent as well. It's like makeup gambling hahaha