Thursday, November 26, 2009


I hate when people type that but in this case I TOTALLY MEAN IT!

Meow Cosmetics just put out their Christmas collections. I was expecting maybe 12 or 24 colours.

But no.

6 COLLECTIONS! 6 FRIKKIN COLLECTIONS! How that hell am I ever going to decide from 6 EFFING COLLECTIONS!

And they are having a thanksgiving sale: CatsEatTurkey2 and save 20%, no minimum, entire site. Until Sunday.

I LOVED their halloween colours and Friday the 13th collection so I know I have to grab something for these ones.

I could just get samples of everything but if I buy big now I save more..... I DON'T KNOW! WHY U GOTTA TEST ME INTERWEBZ!?! WHAY!!!!

I want the entire Glacial Grove set:

I just have to do xmas shopping for my dad and my boyfriend so I think I can by me a me present....
There's even a colour called "Debt". How fitting.



  1. Haha you are way too cute for words!!

    I'm thinking of lifting my anti-Meow-ness for this collection. I wasn't that impressed with the permanent colors I got and holy $5 for SAMPLE SHIPPING!!! I haven't ordered since that first time...I'm so weird about shipping XD

  2. lol, I'm weird with shipping too so I make the order bigger to be "worth it" :D I ordered from somewhere once where it was going to be like $9 shipping so I deleted some stuff one by one until it went to the lesser shipping bracket. I'm such a turd hahaha