Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matte Top Coat...CHEAP

Are you still lusting for that matte look and kicking yourself in the ass for not buying that tiny bottle of China Glaze Matte Magic?

FRET NO MORE. For now anyways, and get your butts over to your Icing store and check out their nail polish rack. That's right.... Icing Matte About You. SWEET.

.:~*~:._.:~*~:.Matte About You, the clear. The cashier didn't really get why there was just a clear. In case some of you don't know already, it's to turn your own fabulous work of art, mattenificient! There's really no reason to buy any "coloured" matte nail polishes because there are probably only ever 6 shades to chose from and you probably already own many kick ass ones you'd like to mattify yourself. That being said, I still bought a 2nd shade because they were buy one get one half off, and it looked like a pretty intense dark teal blue.

***Only the first 2 are matte, I just liked the other colours as well and had to have them. And then MATTE THEM UP!

Also that matte blue looks NOTHING like it does in real life, I don't know why it photographed wrong. It's not a true blue at all, but I can't really explain it other to say, dark teal blue I guess.

And here's it over my thumb nail that was painted with Refresh Mint China Glaze. Index finger is the teal, Chase Me.

Ignore the horrible paint job and beat up looking skin. Work is not kind to my hands and I was rushed because I wanted to play with my other no-no purchase. oOoo foreshadowing! The other 3 nails are glossy but of course ya can't tell. Go me and my wicked wonderful picture taking skills. :p

There was also a grey, a purple, a green with very small sparkles (although I do not know why, it'll be matte!) and a white and a black. I didn't get the black or white because I had the craptastic OPI mattes already. Plus I have many black shades already and since I have the top coat, they were unnecessary.

I'm not sure if they flake as bad as the OPI ones, I'll have to give them a go this weekend, but for $5 they are worth it, even if for a few hours.



  1. I swear ima get around to buying a matte topcoat one day =/ I'm thinking of either the Essie or Manglaze one

  2. Omg I got my matte topcoat in the post yesterday.

    I love mattifying :D

    I got really vexed when I saw the blog title because I was like "NOOOOO I have wasted my money!!" but then it was all Cool and the Gang because we don't have Icing (I think/hope).

    Besides, £7.50 to double your nail polish collection isn't really that bad....

  3. Ooh thanks for the heads up, i needs me a matte top coat :)