Monday, April 12, 2010


AKA, the crappy thing that happens when your foundation doesn't match. I was a bit masky yesterday, I wanted to try out one of the 2 foundation samples I ordered. One was way too pink for me but the other was close, just a bit too light. Even though it wasn't a match I still wanted to give it a go to see how it wore.

They were AL Glissade in 3N and 3C. 3C was the one that was too pink.

I used one of my own sponges to apply. I really liked the coverage, I didn't need any under eye concealers and it almost completely covered my crappy spotted skin.

It was almost nice out today so I wore it out to the zoo to see how it would look by the end of the day.

A few hours later it wasn't quite so pretty, I think I may need a better primer. This time I was using Rimmel's foundation primer. It may be just for liquid foundations so that may be why my foundation was looking a bit funky especially around my chin and mouth. I just used the back of my hand to try to smooth it all out again :)

For coverage here's my face with nothin!:

And here it is with my Rimmel. Not much changes, maybe the dark around my eyes is a bit less

And here it is with the Glissade, yup once again ignore the whiteness of it, but check out the coverage!

HAHAHAH The lightness is redonkulous but still, you can see it's pretty covered.


This is ze look I chose. Not nearly as bright as normal but I really liked the combo and the sparkle in the shadows made me feel like a princess :D

I used:


Main: Terpischore
Crease: Pavane
Highlight: Stardust cosmetics in Cashmere Mittens
Liner: UD Bourbon
Rimmel lash maxx mascara

MAC Ripe Peach ombre

Lips: Avon lipstick Sparkling Warm Rose

Oh hullo mask face.

I probably should have chosen a pink blush but oh wells!

I'm not sure I will try other foundation samples. They are quite pricey for samples even if you do get a lot ($2). If it takes me 8 times to find my perfect match, I'm out $16 american and stuck with 7 samples that won't work.

Hopefully Meow has something for me and with as good a coverage.


  1. Very very pretty! I've never tried a powder foundation before and i'm really impressed with the coverage! I know what you mean about the samples though, if you get an eyeshadow sample and end up not wanting a full size at least usually you can still wear it, with a foundation or concealer there's just nothing you can do with it.

  2. I hope you find something at Meow - hell, I hope I find a good foundation shade at Meow LOL XD I have the most unmatchable skin, and I swear it's impossible to cover my blemishes >=|

    Your skin looks so flawless with foundation on, I are jealous :(

  3. You look great! :) My AL foundation sample is a little too pale for me.:(

    Totally understand you! I have too many samples that don't work for me. The worst thing is that the majority of those are of different formulas, meaning I probably can't mix them.

    I tried to match Meow foundation from the bunch of samples (tried only Pampered Puss formula so far) the other day, and from 12 only 3 look like a "pretty close match"! Not good! :/ And, the coverage is very sheer for my taste. :/ Gotta try Flawless Feline, may be it'll work better! The good thing - I can mix-match them. It's my plan B. lol

  4. Finding a correct foundation shade is the biggest pain in the butt. I've found mine from Meow but the thing with foundation is that it's very hard to recommend something because people's skin tones and conditions vary wildly. Meow has been a total lifesaver for me because they make light enough shades for my pale mug.

    I love the coverage on the AL foundation on you but the colour is way too pale. Maybe a shade warmer?