Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAC Pearlglide Awesomeness and EOTD

I just went to the mall to get new shirts to destroy at work and made the mistake of walking past the MAC store.


Ever since seeing this post on Temptalia I knew I wanted at least 3 of them. MAC Pearlglide Intense eyeliners!

I know she did wicked awesome swatches already, but I still feel the urge to show you mine :)

Here's ze box end. I just liked the colours lol

Pencil ends (same, luuuuvz the colours, kinda blurry though :sadface)

And the pencil puuuurdy....

And the swatch!

Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial. Click for biggAR pic.

The Website says Black Line is "true black" but there's a ton of pretty green gold in it.
Undercurrent, blue teal.
Industrial, periwinkle grey.

Those are weird ass descriptions. Just check out the swatches and make up your own, you'll probably do better :D

I found them to be soft but not as soft as the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I know some people don't like the UD liners for that reason, so these ones would be good to give a try. That, and the shades are FKLFVJNJDF AMAZINGSAUCE!

I don't know what they are cost wise to the rest of the world, but here in Kittehland aka CANADUH they be $17.50 each. Uber pricey but that's just 50 cents more than the UD liners anyways.

I'd re-buy if something terrible happened, like my apartment was attacked by zombie penguins in jetpacks and they stole all my makeup and I had to get some of it replaced. I'd buy them over the waffles they no doubt probably stole as well. Eyeliners are edible right?

One thing I'd suggest is maybe not use them on your waterline. My eyeballs can take loads of crap, the only thing that ever irritated them was actual glitter chunks on my cornea, but for some reason I wore Black Line on my waterline and it was instant "allergy-eyes" for me. The box doesn't say not to use it there like my Too Faced liner warned me, so give it a go if you wish. You just may wreck your HARD WORKED ON MAKEUP JOB THATS ALL! teeheeee :)

Here's the look today using Black Line:
(And not a single indie product used today I just realized...)

Main Lid Urban Decay YDK
Crease and Lower Lashline Urban Decay AC/DC
Browbone Highlight Urban Decay Sellout
Liner: Super Amazing MAC Black Line
Rimmel stuffs mascara

Click pic to maybe see green gold bits in liner.

I have no idea what to pair the other 2 liners with. Yellow or pink are the only 2 shades coming to mind.

Done and done.


  1. Nice! You definitely picked up some amazing colors. :)

  2. OMG I want these! I think you can pair the other two liners with purple for sure! Ugh...wish I had more monies. I must have precioussssss...

    Zombie penguins? Now I'm going to have nightmares about them stealing my waffles and makeup. Oh no!!!

  3. Ooh, shiny! I want Black Line, the shimmer looks gorgeous. Magpie effect...

  4. I like your blog and I'm following now! Cute how you used star shapes for the swatches. Visit my blog at

  5. I don't have any MAC. BUT I think that I need these! I can't imagine spending so much money though gahh

  6. I really really want Black Line, I'm loving warmed up blacks! And those golden glittery bits, sooo pretty! Definitely one I'd use :)
    Beautiful EOTD too!

  7. Nominated you for awards ! Keep up the work, love reading your posts xXx

  8. The colour descriptions seem a little WTF, but the actual stuff looks nice anyway. You picked some pretty shades right thar.

    Although I'd cry if I couldn't use it on my waterline :( especially for the price!

    (I'm unoriginal, I have no idea how else to wear eyeliner XD)

  9. Oh crappers I'm late! This is what I get for having the memory of a TURNIP!

    Jullisa! Thanks! When I saw them on Temptalia's blog I knew these 3 were in my future if I ever saw them :D

    Blix! You know zombie penguins are TERRIFYING! I will definately try them with purple, I'm thinking that pretty purple from AL's Papillion collection (brilliant me can't remember the name lol)

    Saila! The shimmer is so awesome, I really wish I could show you guys it with my craptastic camera. And I learned that smudging...brings.out.moAR.SPARKLE!

    Silhouette! It's like the funkified version of "black" :D

    Krystal Leigh! Thanks! I wanted to change it up from doing lines and it looked cute with my star tattoo at the time (which I ended up cropping out anyway):D

    Heather! Do you have any sort of gift receiving day coming up :D Just ask your momma to get you these for Christmas and tell her, "Don't worry mom, I can wait!" Only 8 more months lol

    Jane! You do! Undercurrent was the one I discovered smudging makes even more bettah! It brings out the gold shimmer and looks so magical. I'm a dork for saying that, but it does! :)

    Marce! Thank you :) If it's got gold in it, I want it. hahaha

    Thank you Martian Delights! That's so nice of you :D

    Simone! I know hey? I had to double check that I was in the right place and that they didn't have these pearlglides in the lame versions they describe lol. You can wear them on the upper lash line, and smudge it below, it's just the actual skin part closest to my eye that these suckers seem to like to make angry :(

  10. I just saw your comment about allergy eyes. They happen to me too, but I don't think its a waterline thing, maybe something in the formula? I love the industrial colour.

  11. Hi Shikha Singh, It's probably something funky in the formula, I got a little bit on my waterline, in the outer corners today just to give it another try and they teared up again :(