Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pure Silver

K so I'm a liar and it's not actually pure silver, but it's pretty damn metallic!

I'm angered that Mr Camera decided to be extra lame and pull his crappy "oh you're shiny colours are you? Well no pic for you!" trick. I had to sharpen them all just to bring out the metallic better. In real life it looked waaaaay way more awesome. It looked more white-silver than purple and the red sparkles showed up better :(

I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Aromaleigh Fume Main lid
Aromaleigh Lush Memoir Crease
Silk Naturals Sprite (MAC Nylon Clone) Highlight
Aromaleigh Salome Bete Noir Glitter sealed as eyeliner
Rimmel Lash Maxx Mascara

Silk Naturals lippie in Nectar, Clinique Black Honey clone

And now craploads of pic just trying to get the most accurate colouring. Notice how extremely kick ass Sprite is?! Wowzers I love golds.

In the future I will do a comparison of Nectar and Black Honey. Right now I'd say they are pretty close. I have to go a searchin!


  1. HOTTTTTTTTT it makes me want to go roll in silver eyeshadow.

    And YAY for SN ;D I heart them

  2. I have to fan myself! Looks so sizzling hot that I have to drink more water!

    Silk Naturals gets so much love from me. Their Kisser Slickers are amazing.

  3. Ahhh so sparkly, I love it!!!

    My camera freaks out over shiny stuff too :(

  4. Holy crap is that ever metallic! I love it :D

  5. This is a really cool look! Makes me think of a frost maiden ;)

  6. Love it! More to add to my lemming list. :)

  7. Very very pretty, i love silver eyeshadow. Goes beautifully with your brown eyes.

  8. Hi Silhouette! You can roll one side in silver and the other half in gold! That would be insanely awesome.

    lol Saila! :D I'd like to get more lippies, the one I got is really nice.

    Hi Simone! I think I've had this sucker for 6 or 7 years so it's ANCIENT compared to ones today lol

    Hey Heather! Thank you! After getting some of these metallics I can stay away from the drugstore ones, they'll never be as shiny as these ones :D

    Hi Phyrra! Thank you :) Now that would have been a better title for me to use!

    Hi Kayeffjay! yay! It's the most silvery silver I've been able to find so far.

    Hi Lillian! Thank you! Don't worry about the multiples :) , mine do that sometimes to on other peoples blogs.

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