Sunday, April 4, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish

Awesome Idea!
I really wish they came out with more "grownup" shades. Now I know what you're thinking, "Lady you went into Claires looking for grownup stuff, there's your first problem. Second you wear bright on your eyes why not nails too?" I don't know. Something about neon green nails switching to neon yellow nails...just doesn't see right!

I managed to snag 4 of them (sadly they didn't have a single purple, I don't think they got any shipped in, the other 4 weren't even rifled through yet).

Daring/Innocent = Grey
Fabulous/Funky = Pink
Happy/Earthy = Green
Peacefull/Confident = Blue

Out of the 4, the Grey one and the Green one change the most. Grey turns into this odd peanut butter colour that I LOOOOVE. Green turns into a neon yellow that office highlighters would be jealous of.
The bright pink one and bright blue one basically turn into a slightly brighter pink and blue. No biggie.

Here's a poor swatch of the grey one

This one is backwards from what it's supposed to look like, I had my hand in front of a heater so the tips warmed up.

Dontcha just love how lazy I am too take off the old polish :D

They are $5 each, $5.75 CDN (why when our dollar is like 2 cents away I have no idea) but I got them with a buy 1 get 1 50% off. With taxes and crap it still came to almost $20 ($19somethingorother) so I basically got American price with that discount. I really want the shimmery purple one, it turns into a shimmery pink!

You will also need a topcoat with these, they have a bit of a matte finish.

Hopefully more shades are released or Icing brings out the more "grown-up" shades :)


  1. I got the purple one yesterday! It's really pretty. I hate going into Claire's with all the 10 year olds though... they had scented nail polish I was trying to sniff, and the manager told me I couldn't open the bottles.

  2. This is a pretty neat idea...maybe they'll come out with more colours?

  3. Color changing/mood changing stuff doesn't work well on me. My body temperature is lower than average, so I always end up disappointed :P

    Very cool of you that you picked them up and gave them a shot! Glad to see the pix :)

  4. COOLEST THING EVER. I think I would wash my hands like 50 times just to see the change XD

    @Phyrra: I'm pretty sure you're secretly a vampire ;]

  5. Hi Heather! I'm so jealous!! Just shove the kids over hahahah. I wanted to smell those too! I saw them but I already had these 4 bottles in my hand and I knew I was already breaking my promise lol. It took great restraint to walk away!

    Hi Simone! I hope so! I googled a bunch and it looks like China Glaze had some at one point but I think it was a looooong time ago, the bottles were even shaped different. I wish I kept the link.

    Hiya Lillian! They look neat in day one but boy so they like to flake off. It's kinda cool tho, cuz I'm too lazy to take my old polish off, all I gotta do is wait a few days :D

    Hey Phyrra! I was worried at that too, I kept rubbing my hands together and tucking my fingers into my elbows to try to heat them up for the colour change :D. I wish my pics sucked less, or that I did all 4 shades. I'm a crappy product reviewer, I should just rename the blog, "Half Assed Reviews by Moi" hehehe

    Hi Silhouette! I DID THAT! hahhaha, I ran the cold, then the hot, then the cold, probably for a good minute. I'm sure my guy thinks I'm a germophobe now. It was just super cool to see BAM GREY, BAM PEANUT BUTTAH, BAM GREY, BAM PEANUT BUTTAH!