Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sobe Botanicals Lip Swatches! Pic HEAVY!

Howdy howdy :D

I placed a Sobe Botanicals order before I banned myself from shopping. After seeing Phyrra rock the orange lips, I wanted some too! See how delayed I am? It took me 2 months to place the order :D Go me.

So I ordered 6 Gothlip Styx:

Panic: Dark “Orange” (SUPER pigmented)
Gothic Fairy: Dark “Yellow gold” with a bit of shimmer (Highly pigmented)
Jackolantern: Pumpkin Bright “orange” (Lighter pigmented to get bright color)
Wild Violet: very light lilac purple (Highly pigmented)
Frigid: very light frigid blue (Highly pigmented)
Tragic: Light Silvery Golden “Green” (Highly pigmented)

The order arrived in a padded envelope (my fav, customs tends to leave those alone most of the time) and then the order was in a cute black paper bag, held shut with red ribbon.
Lex was super nice and gave me a bit of a discount and rounded my order down to $35 and she also included 2 eyeshadow samples and a mini jar (4g worth) of Illusionist perfecting powder (As soon as I find my face shade, I am SO using this BABY!)

So here be mah order:

And here's the tubes of happeh: (please excuse the messyness, I was trying to take pics quick and didn't wipe them after using them) None of the tubes have been twisted up yet, you really do gets whats popping over the top too! I hate when you order a lippie and it's not all the way full and you twist it down...and it goes DOWN MOARRRR! Yep that happened last month :( It was just like 4mm but that's like 4 applications yo! But anyway, sooo off topic there for a sec...

And on ze lips!

My fav out of them all, Panic!

This morning I did a lil swipe of Panic on my lips, smeared it even and swiped Silk Naturals Nectar gloss on top and this is the result:

LOVE IT! Next time I'm smearing more Panic on though.

Next up, Gothic Fairy. I love this colour too, it's one I've never seen before and I think looks really cool :D

Not too sure what eye makeup would go with it. Maybe a smokey brown eye?

And now, Jack O Lantern:

This one had a different texture than the rest of them, it seemed to melt a bit faster on my lips when I was putting it on. I'll have to use a brush next time to avoid accidentally over applying. Still a really pretty orange.

And for the odd colours! Yup Gothic Fairy was odd but I'd totally wear it out (And I super apologize for my super horrific application skillz. I really do suck sometimes)

Wild Violet:

And here's Frigid:

And last but not least, Tragic! This one reminds me of green toothpaste :D

This one was a bit tricky to apply as well, I think my lips were angry with me for constantly wiping one shade off and plopping a new one on.

I'm not sure what I'd use the last 3 colours for yet. They are fun to have around and whenever I get the urge to go blue, it's nice I have that option. I will also try layering with my glosses to see what else I can come up with. I think the bright pink MAC HK lip glass would look pretty sweet over Frigid or Wild Violet. We shallll seeeeee..... :D

You can by these here or here.

Oh yeah, and I'd totally order again. Panic is AWESOME


  1. If you order from her main website, there is a discount code on my website for 20% off :)

  2. ooo I like the Orange-y sheen that Jack O Lantern has to it. You have beautimous lips.

  3. Oooh I want Jack O Lantern and Panic :D

    Wild Violet looks AWESOME too, and is it just me, or does Frigid look like an actually decent version of a certain Limey lipstick? ;]

  4. Panic looks awesome on you! Want want want but now I'm on no-buy. Darn it.

  5. How unique are these colours? I hadn't seen anything like them! I like Panic too, I wonder what Jack-O-Lantern looks like on top of it?

  6. SO glad I just ordered Panic :) I think I will almost definitely be getting a bunch of these.

  7. Oooo I love Panic! It's awesome!

  8. Ohhh wow. I really need to make an order! Frigid and Gothic Fairy look particularly wonderful and Tragic looks so unique!

  9. So cool! I may have to try these out myself.

  10. Yeah! Go stalk Ms Grey for that discount code :)

    Thanks Zombie gal :D

    Hey Phyrra! Hellz yeah orange! I can't get enough now lol

    Hey Silhouette! I know right!?! That's exactly what I thought when I went through my pics to crop em down. I know I'd prefer a $6 version that kept lips moisturized compared to a $16 stainy, dry lips version :D

    Hi Saila! Good thing it looks like these babies are to stay, so when your ban is off, you can go nuts :)

    Hi Marce! I love them, and these are only 6 of them, she's got many more shades, reds and blacks galore. I'll post another swatchy pic just for you :)

    Hi Jade! Yeah!! You will luuuurve it :D

    Hi Julissa! Tis true! :)

    Hi Lillian! If you place an order don't forget Wild Violet, your colouring will work much better than mine did, I think I'm too dark to pull of that one. But I'll attempt it many times still, I'm sure lol

    Hiya Blix! You must you musteth tryeth thems!