Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meow Rainbow's End Swatch

Sooooo not a proper swatch post with my usual 80 pictures of the same stuff but the collection goes buh bye April 1st and someone might be looking for these!

Here's a pic I just took of Meow's Rainbow's End (found with the St Patty's day shades), patted on my hand, no primer. Later I'll re-do this post with good pictures but for now, HERE YA GO PEEPS!

Clockwise from upper left: Claddagh, Sundisc, Or, Lunulae


  1. Great colors u always have some interesting colors, looking forward for the next Holiday fragrances review

  2. lovely! why is it so that one can never get too many shades of gold?? i would get them all in one sweep, but i tend to stay away from meow for the sake of my wallet for now....//Azure

    1. lol, if you love gold then you may wanna stay far away from their Egyptian Treasures line hahaha

  3. what gorgeous colors! i love Claddagh!