Saturday, March 10, 2012

Messy Random Nail Swatches - CG Hunger Games

I ordered the whole China Glaze Hunger Games collection from Sally's only to find out the day they shipped, that half weren't coming. I sent them an email because I was upset and the only reason I ordered them from there instead of walking my butt to the store was because this seemed like a sure thing.

They very kindly refunded me the crazy high shipping and taxes so I can't bitch too much I guess :)

The rest I bought on eBay. More like YAYbay.

These were not meant to be swatches, I was just dickin around but LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!

I had to share!!

Top: Agro
Middle: Mahogany Magic
Bottom: Foie Gras

Hopefully I can get proper swatches of these done. This week was crap on my hands and I broke my middle nails :(
Somehow I even managed to cut myself at work with 20 minutes left to go in the shift. If there's a way to hurt myself at work, I'M ON IT DUDE!

Time to go look for some $10 pants. I bought nail polish instead of clothing and I'm down to one pair of work pants :/ This is not good. That means I own 3 pairs of pants total now. They need to be cheap because I'll probably just snag them on the conveyor anyways. And get oil on them from the dirty skids.

I miss my office job.
And nice nails.
And sitting on mah butt.
And really nice paycheques where I didn't have to decide between nail polish or clothing.
I hate clothes shopping.
Whine done.


  1. Mahogany Magic is such an interesting color. I keep seeing it swatched and like it but I've passed it up twice when I've gone to Sally's. What's wrong with me!?!?!? LOL
    Sorry about your pants dude. :(

    1. Mahogany Magic is an oddball but I love it. Kinda reminds me of well... poop but it looks sweet as a nail polish! :D
      Thank you :)

  2. I have four of the colors already but I might pick up one or two more... I'm trying to decide if I'll actually wear them or not. I have too many colors that I hardly ever touch, you know?

    I hear you on the work pants thing, too. I have to go buy a new pair of ugly-ass gray scrub pants because the ones I've been wearing at school the last six months decided to rip down the inner thigh. I can't wait to finish esthetics school and hopefully never wear scrubs again as long as I live...

    1. Yes! I hardly even wear nail polish but I probably have like 200+ bottles of the stuff. I grabbed them all just so in the future I can't be like "oh crap I wish I grabbed that too". Not the cheapest way of thinking lol
      SCRUBS!!! I used to wear a pair for pajamas. I just tossed them recently. They aren't even comfy, I don't know why I wore them for so long.